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The Measure of an Episode

The Measure of an Episode is a podcast hosted by Jonathan and Paul; two friends with an insatiable itch for dissecting all things Star Trek.

After hundreds… nay, thousands of conversations poring over the minutiae of transport beams, color-coded leotards, and Janeway’s hair bun, we developed sophisticated criteria establishing what truly makes Star TrekStar Trek”.

Agreed we were suitably prepared, we embarked on a thirteen-and-a-half-year mission, employing our criteria to determine which of the 703 episodes make the cut as authentic, proper expressions of Star Trek, and not just good TV. Or great TV. Or really, really bad TV.

Each week, to ensure scientific integrity, an episode from the entire Star Trek canon (excluding the Kelvin timeline) is randomly selected for review and analysis (though, patron episode requests aren’t subject to our normal scientific rigour).


When the Srivani board Voyager and start experiments, Janeway takes drastic action to fend off the aliens. Join us as we discuss Voyagers "Scientific Method"...