CHANCE ENCOUNTER – “The Ultimate Trekker.”

What would you do if you were bestowed with the honour of the title of “The Ultimate Trekker?” we ask Gary O’Brien who recently won The UK’s Ultimate Trekker Boldly Goes as he is Awarded The Best Job In The Universe? 

( Gary O’Brien

Recently Manpower, UK in association with PARAMOUNT HOME MEDIA DISTRIBUTION held a recruitment event in London, the UK asking Trekkers nationwide to apply for what they touted as the “Best Job in the Universe” that best job was to become the Vice-Admiral of Yorktown (The amazing Starbase in Star Trek Beyond).

Watch the original job advert >HERE< or read about it >HERE<

A temporary Starfleet Outpost popped up at Manpower’s Liverpool Street, offices in London, and over 300 applicants applied for the position with the hope of beating out the competition and winning the prize of being named the “The Ultimate Trekker.”

Not only is the winner granted the title of “the Ultimate Trekker” but they take command of Starbase Yorktown, will receive an official uniform recently used in the production of Star Trek Beyond and a VIP visit to Paramount Studio Lot in Los Angeles.

Well, we are so pleased to announce that the winner of this amazing prize is none other than Gary O’Brien, Gary answered toughies like listing the full registration numbers, classes and captains of all seven ships to have bared the name Enterprise; as well as recalling the lengthy Borg name of Voyager’s Seven of Nine.

As you know, we recently interviewed Gary about his upcoming fan production “Chance Encounter.”

So we would like to say Gary congratulations this is truly amazing.

You can read all about his win >HERE<

And read the “Chance Encounter” interview >HERE<

We reached out to Gary yesterday to wish him our best and ask what winning this prize meant to him.

“Yeah, it is a pretty cool prize. I feel very lucky!

There were a lot of very smart people at the interview – I’m very fortunate to have got “the job”. I am sure there were many others there that it could have gone to – I just got lucky on the day I think! A friend of mine, David Combe who kindly helped with some 3D modelling advice on Chance Encounter is also a powerhouse of Star Trek knowledge and makes great work himself.

Like me, he also got his work featured in the 2016 Ships Of The Line Calendar. He is a really nice guy, and how he didn’t win over me I’ll never know! Check out some of his great work over at Deviant Art:

Anyway – I suppose now that I have been awarded the symbolic “Ultimate Trekker” title, no-one can question whether Chance Encounter has been made by a true fan or not!

The early part of 2017 should be an exciting time for me, as we will be aiming to release Chance Encounter, and I will get a trip to Paramount studio and a tour! Stay tuned to as our release date is getting ever closer!”




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