Merry Christmas from Star Trek: Continues

What more could any fan of Star Trek Continues ask for this Christmas?

Yesterday, the team from Star Trek Continues made everyone’s Christmas desires come true. In true STC style, the team gave one and all a gift for all to treasure this Christmas.

Below is the Facebook post made by Vic announcing this totally awesome gift.

Merry Christmas, dear STC fans! Thousands of you have been asking for years if our series would ever be available on DVD & Blu-ray. Because there is a significant cost in having discs and artwork pressed & packaged, it’s not feasible for us to make physical discs since we cannot sell them.

So, from the cast & crew of STC, our Christmas present to all of you is this: .iso files of all four volumes (all 11 episodes) of our series are now available for FREE download on our website!

You can burn your own DVDs & Blu-rays, and you will also be able to download the artwork inserts & disc art for all four volumes for free as well! But that’s not all! We have also made available the full-sized (24×36) posters of all 11 episodes for free, including a never before seen custom STC series poster I’ve created. All of our shooting scripts can be downloaded as well!

But wait, there’s more! Many of you have asked about the original music that has been composed & produced for STC. We have made all of our original music available for free download, as well as the artwork and disc art for “The Music Of Star Trek Continues.”

So let’s recap:

  • .iso files for all four volumes (all 11 episodes) of Star Trek Continues on DVD & Blu-ray
  • Artwork inserts and disc art for all four volumes of our series
  • The official posters from all 11 episodes, full-sized and ready to print
  • “The Music Of Star Trek Continues” CD file download
  • Artwork for the music CD case insert and disc
  • PLUS .pdf files of all 11 STC shooting scripts

All for FREE! Merry Christmas from STC!

Vic Mignogna, Executive Producer, Star Trek Continues

DVD & Bluray art for Star Trek: Continues free giveaway

Before anyone says “is this not against the Fan Film Guidelines”, the straightforward answer is NO, the team at STC are NOT asking for money, they are NOT making any sort of profit from this, the only thing they are doing is sharing the love for Star Trek, by showing not everything is about making money, this is a gift and one that thousands of fans I am sure will treasure for a lifetime.

Since the release of this amazing gift, the STC website has already been overloaded, so to take some burden off the team at STC and the fact so many want this AWESOME gift, we have uploaded the zip files of the following, 

  • DVD and Blu-ray artwork
  • Scripts
  • Poster Art

And we will continue to hold these files until things slow down for the STC team and their website,  so enjoy and Merry Christmas. 


Blu-ray Art


STC Poster Art

Because not everyone knows how to burn iso files to DVD or Blu ray we have trawled the internet for some easy “how to” videos & articles to help you along.