Andddd The Hits Keep Coming – NEW Axanar Departure – UPDATED

Yesterday we reported on the departure of Axanar Director Robert Meyer Burnett. Today in yet another shock announcement Bill Hunt announced his departure from this troubled production, however, unlike Robert, Bill made it public that he has in fact not been attached to the production since July this year.

So this begs the question why! Has no one heard of this news until now? 

To try to understand this, we have delved back in time and look through the record of Axanar and its troubled past, we all know about the lawsuit and how this affected things, but why has Alec Peters not been forthcoming about so many key players leaving?

Below is a list of the people who have left Axanar and their roles within the production, some have left and their departures announced right away, yet some like Bill have left with no public announcement by the production, until they have been forced to acknowledge it publicly, due to announcements by the people who have departed


Christian Gossett – Prelude to Axanar’ Director

Christian left Axanar in May 2015, you can see what Christian has to say on the Axanar issue in the video below.

Tony Todd – Admiral Ramirez

The sting of people attached to Axanar departing can be traced back to September 2015, when Tony Todd left Axanar, however very much like this recent announcement by Bill, Tony left almost four full months prior to it becoming public knowledge in December 2015.

Despite Tony leaving Axanar in 2015, the production continues to use his image in some of its public posters and on its website, recently a “fan” table was closed down at Dragon Con because Tony Todd complained about Axanar using his image > Read More

Tony responds to questions about his role in Axanar, Dec 2015

Terry McIntosh – Chief Technologist and a Co-Producer

May 16, 2016, was the date Terry announced on Facebook that he has parted ways from Axanar > Read More

Terry announces he has left Axanar


Richard Hatch – Commander Kharn

Sadly, Richard Hatch passed away this year, and although he has always said he would love to return to the production as he loved the role he was to play, this is no longer possible and is a loss not only to the production but to the ENTIRE sci-fi fan base. Richard is missed by everyone.


Robert Meyer Burnett – Director

Left the production citing he has no desire to remain in the past and has things he is working on now.

Robert announces his departure

Bill Hunt – Script Writer

Departed Axanar in July 2017 and until today (2017-11-03) this was not public knowledge as Alec Peters had not made this known, and in a very similar way to the departure of Tony Todd, this was announced by the person who left.

Bill posts he left Axanar, July this year


Unknown/No Clear Answer

So far there has been no concrete answer from the following regarding their involvement in returning.

Gary Graham – Soval

Gary has been very coy in answering the question, the only thing that we can find regarding his stance on returning to play Soval is the following.

Yes or No,

JG Hertzler – Captain Samuel Travis

Although when asked JG has said yes he hopes to return, he is, in fact, running for Congress, so one has to ask how much time will he get to appear in a 30 minute fan film, let alone one that has become the black sheep of fandom, in no part thanks to the CBS/Paramount lawsuit last year and the action of the producer who is running it.

JG hopes to return



Kate Vernon – Captain Sonya Alexander

Kate has said nothing publically about her returning to the role.


Confirmed Involvement 

Alec Peters – Exec Producer – Garth of Izar


So where does this leave Axanar now, that is a question people need to keep asking the production, so far this year, not only has Axanar had to move from its warehouse come studio in L.A., which they spent almost $700.000 retrofitting, leaving all those retrofits behind, but they have now had two more key players leave, the biggest departure being its director nevertheless, according to the Axanar page they have a new director lined up.

New Director?

Whilst we are eager to see what happens next and to see a possible recovery from the news over the last two days, the realism is things seem to always be going from bad to worse for this production, with no end in sight.


Axanars acknowledgement of Bill Hunt’s departure, “It’s not a big deal, people come and go all the time”.

“Not a big deal”

This article will be updated if new information becomes available.