Not One But Two! Unique Star Trek Fan Film Shorts

This month, the team behind Dreadnought Dominion released two new fan shorts, but unlike ones that have come before them, these two are unique and could be classed as Trek Fan Film firsts, both shot at the newly minted Stage 9 Studios (the former STC sets), The Dreadnought Dominion team, return to these iconic sets to film their two new fan films and the results are outstanding. 

Reality Check – A Star Trek Fan Film

This fan film is definitely one of a kind, it has interesting twists that you really do not expect, and the ending is AWESOME!


FOLKS!… VERY proud and excited to announce that Dreadnought Dominion, in cooperation with KP Films, releases “Reality Check – A Star Trek Fan Film”! Filmed in Kingsland, GA at the Stage 9 Studios!

We were so very fortunate to be able to return to these AMAZING SETS since our first productions back in 2013 and 2014! Dreadnought Dominion has stayed in practice with releases using green screen and redressing everyday settings as Star Trek, but with this production, we were able to be where the MAGIC HAPPENS! This is our “homage” to Fan Films where we try to highlight the hard work in front of AND behind the camera. It’s a nice 10-minute adventure with what I HOPE is a surprise ending that everyone will get a chuckle out of! 


Silent Acknowledgment – A Star Trek Fan Production

I LOVED this short, sneaky hidden TNG referance, and the fact it is such a unique Trek fan short makes it new and refreshing 

Captain Brousseau meets Lieutenant Paula Tompkins, Starfleet’s first deaf Communications Officer. VERY excited about this production, it features my wife, Tracey Davis, who is deaf. She has always done a GREAT job as a background character for Dreadnought Dominion, but we wanted to feature her in a key role, so her character is deaf and signs her lines. Her “Universal Translator” speaks for her. We REALLY had a great time with this short! I hope you all enjoy it! Closed Captions available!


You can listen to The Final Frontiers interview with Producer Gary Davis below.


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