Trek Geeks – Interview – Part One

Bill and Dan produce a weekly podcast that covers all different aspects of Star Trek which recently included a rundown on Beyond, their trip to STLV50 and recasting the roles of DS9.

One thing I enjoy about Bill and Dan is their sense of humour and their long friendship shows in every episode of their podcast.

It is one thing that makes their production worth the time to check out as they never fail to deliver not only in their Trek geekiness but in the guests they have and they have a had a lot of big names such as Nana Visitor (Kira DS9), Andrew Robinson (Garak DS9) and so many more.

I have known Bill now for almost a year (time fly’s when you are taking the p**s out of certain things LOL) but I wanted to know more about their production as I have to admit I am new to it and due to commitments in real life I have not had the chance to check out every episode yet.. “badddd me I know”

After sending Bill a Facebook message asking if, he and Dan would like a chance to tell not only me but also you guys as well more about their podcast he accepted as its one of the many things he and Dan like doing.

To avoid being boring and doing just another general Q&A about Trek Geeks I decided to get a little geekier and personal with my questions (no, not that personal) I wanted to know what makes them love doing a Trek based podcast and also get to know what makes their friendship so great.

James) So where to start… I guess I should start with the most obvious Question tell me and others a bit about yourselves how long have you two been friends and how did you meet one another?

Bill) We have been friends for just over 20 years. We were both hired by the same company to do telephone-based support for their Windows-based stock trading software. Dan had been hired a couple of months before I was as part of an effort to build out the department from scratch and he was one of the first people I trained with. He had Star Trek stuff in his cubicle and it immediately struck up a conversation and friendship.

Dan)  We both used to work for the same company over 20 years ago. It was a new department and I was in the first-class for training. I had been ‘on the floor’ for a couple months when Bill came out of training and was assigned to sit with me. I always had Trek memorabilia at my desk and as he was a Trek fan, we really hit it off doing impersonations and trivia all the time in-between calls. My impersonations have been usually better, although he does an amazing Riker walk, and I usually mopped the floor with him regarding trivia.

James) Bill what is the Riker walk lol?

Bill) If you watch the first couple of seasons of TNG, Frakes has this really exaggerated walk for Riker, where her cocks one shoulder higher than the other and he’d walk in this overly dramatic fashion. It’s pretty hilarious if you go back and watch. Lol.

James) That is hilarious, If or when I ever get the chance to come across the pond to a convention you guys are at I HAVE to see that?

Bill) Awesome!

James) OK, moving on, you guys love Trek! So tell me what are your favourite Trek Episode & Why?

Bill)  DS9: In the Pale Moonlight. Sisko must mortgage everything he believes in and everything a Starfleet Captain stands for in order to bring the Romulans into the Dominion War. Perfectly acted by Avery Brooks and Andy Robinson.

James) The Captains log in, that is what I love not to mention the fact Garak commits murder but not in the sense of just killing someone for the sake of it, but the fact he did it for what I think is a just and very good reason?

Dan) Bill and I usually agree on a lot of things. For me, In the Pale Moonlight is the perfect episode and is one of the three that I consider being my favourite, except, it does not exist! Sisko erased the entire personal log, so how can we even see it? LOL Sisko is willing to sacrifice everything he stands for to achieve his goal.

In some ways, his actions are similar to Admiral Pressman in another favourite of mine, TNG’s “The Pegasus”. Pressman’s views on doing whatever it takes to regain an advantage over the Romulans allows him to throw out all his ethics and scruples in order to achieve his goal. How is Sisko any different? It is a very interesting conversation.

I would also say that “Far Beyond the Stars” and “Corbomite Maneuver” are two other episodes that I always see myself listing as my all time fave and they can switch around depending on my mood and what I am looking forward to watching at any given moment.

James) that episode spoke to me in so many ways not only because it was about retro SciFi which I kind of love (within reason I love the old “War of the Worlds“) but also the fact it was about acceptance which is something I have had experiences with.

However, in this episode to me it seemed Sisko as a “Black” writer was not seen the same way as his “White” co-workers and his ideas we someone dismissed. Well to me it seemed that way, but I guess others may have seen it differently

“Dan) I went through a very dark time back in the early 2000’s and if it were not for my VHS copies of DS9 to watch when I was at my lowest point, I would have committed suicide. DS9 saved my life. Literally!”

James) OK so now tell me what you think is the worst Trek episode and why?

Bill) TNG: “Aquiel“. It is an uninteresting episode with a terrible conclusion. The script is weak, the direction is terrible. FAR worse than Shades of Gray–the one everyone like to beat on.

James) Yep it’s a filler episode which some are ok but some you can skip and not notice they were even there lol.

Dan) TNG: “Code of Honour“. When one of the stars of the show calls this episode a ‘racist piece of shit’, then it’s pretty bad.  And I agree.  Shades of Grey and Aquiel are Emmy award winners when compared this piece of garbage.

James) Shudders Code of honour…. That is hands-down one of the worst of Season one and that is saying something. The other one from that series that is the worst TNG episode ever to me is the “Naked Now” it is just plain awful.

Still, on the subject of Trek, we know your favourite and worst episodes but what about your favourite series?

Bill)  Deep Space 9. Because, like life, not everything is resolved in 48 minutes and you do not always get along with everyone 100% of the time. Compelling characters portrayed by exceptional actors. The best stories and character development in all of Star Trek.

Dan) Deep Space 9. The writing for the show for a couple of episodes in Season 1 and Season 2 and then the entire Dominion Arc starting with “The Jem Hadar” is, to me, the best writing in all of Star Trek. I went through a very dark time back in the early 2000’s and if it were not for my VHS copies of DS9 to watch when I was at my lowest point, I would have committed suicide. DS9 saved my life. Literally!

James) Wow… I am not sure what to say. Star Trek has a different meaning for everyone but I have to say, Dan, I am so glad for you, it had this effect and I think it pays homage to its writers and cast that it had that bigger impact on your life as it did.

Worst Series & Why (Will I know you hate Voyager lol)?

Bill)  Voyager. The worst writing of all the Star Trek series with the weakest characters.

Dan) Voyager. Don’t get me wrong, there are some very good episodes but Voyagers largest weakness was the writing. It was if the writers had, a great story going and all of a sudden realised there were only four or five minutes left in the episode to wrap things up. Again, do not get me wrong. It is not a knock on the actors. They did great with what they were given, which usually was not very good.

James) We are closing in on the winter months and December, Now a little birdie told me you like to celebrate in style but I have to ask What the H**L is Shatnermas LOL!

Bill) I did…years before there was a Trek Geeks. It was a way to celebrate Shatner’s incredibly diverse career that was fun. I’m fairly certain he doesn’t know about it. LOL.

James) He may do if he reads this blog lol.

Dan) There has to be some level of IP theft here somewhere!!!  😛

James) HAHA!

Bill) Not if you’re just reposting things the man himself has already put out there! Lol..


So now we know Bill and Dan a bit better tune in for the next part where I ask about their podcast history, Axanar, If they were worried about the new Guidelines and some more geeky Questions.


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