90 days ago Starbase Studios shut down production on all their fan films, this was not something that anyone expected, and to everyone involved in the studio came as a complete shock. In a wanton act of sabotage, the sets that have been a part of the fan film community since 2010 have been all but rendered useless for anyone wanting to shoot a fan film on. 

I was made aware of the issue months ago when these incidents first happened, but because of the serious nature of it, I have been sworn to secrecy until now, so this is why I am only now posting this article to the site. In conjunction with a video posted 30th Oct 2017 on the youtube channel of Kent “Words” Edwards.

Kent, Vance Owen (Melbourne, Valiant) and Scott Johnson decided they needed to document the damage done to the sets, if for nothing else but to show people why the studio is currently shut down.

Being a close friend to Vance, I was asked to watch the video as he wanted me to see exactly what has been done to these amazing sets, watching the video my heart sank, not just from seeing what the sets now look like, but because how could anyone one willingly do this to these sets? I mean these sets have not only been rescued and brought back to life, but the bridge alone is one of only three complete TOS bridges in existence, the others being the TOS Set Tour, and the one used by Star Trek: Continues.

Even though the aim of this article is not to cast aspersions upon the culprit(s), whoever they may be, it is simply to document the damage and loss that has been done to these once proud sets, that so many have, not only helped to build but to also shoot their films upon.

More importantly, however, the donors that have helped to raise the money needed to bring the sets back to life, expand them and more recently helped save when they needed a new home, need to see what has happened.

Below is a list of all the damage done, and here is the video posted by Kent.



Briefing Room – Funded From Donations From Crowdfunding

  • Missing computer
  • Missing table ends
  • Damage to briefing room table
  • The entire carpet has been ripped up – the set has been dismantled and damaged to remove the carpet
  • The red alert light had been taken
  • The com panel has been ripped out of the wall
  • Briefing room chairs have been taken

Hall Ways – Part Funded By Donations

  • The decal strips on the wall panels have been ripped out
  • The corner polls have been removed
  • There are 5 separate instances of damage to the walls
  • The carpet has been taken
  • The red alert light is gone
  • The wall com panel has been removed

Transporter Room

  • The entire transporter console has been taken – this was gifted to them in 2015
  • The scanner console on the wall has gone
  • The carpet has been taken
  • And again damage to the walls

Crew Quarters


Sick Bay

  • The medicine cabinet has been taken – another item produced from donor money
  • The biobed computer console has been removed
  • The medical probes above the biobeds have gone
  • The biobed pillow

Last but no means least

The Main Bridge

  • All the computers (desktops used to run the bridge lights etc) have been taken – these were a donation and alone will cost hundreds if not thousands to replace.
  • All the chairs but one have been taken – these can cost anything from $100 – $500 (est.) To replace in total throughout the studio 11 are missing that is an estimate of close to $5000 needed to replace them.
  • No carpet as these again have been removed
  • The combox on the engineering station has been ripped out and has caused damage to the console its self
  • The uppers have had 3 graphics removed and the red alert sign taken from above the station near the view screen.
  • Almost all the consoles will have to be repainted.


It is a long list, and by no means complete, this is only just what I could get from the video, seeing this list, even reading it over makes me feel sick to the pit of my stomach.

The question is what are the guys at Starbase going to do about this, well they are on the case, nevertheless, they might not get a resolution to this, so what that means for the future of Starbase Studios?? Who knows it is, unfortunately, a waiting game.



Please note all enquires regarding this situation should be sent via private message ONLY! to Starbase Studios and not Trek Sphere, Thanks.



» Credit: Featured Image: CBS