Star Trek: Horizon Keeps Smashing Records

Star Trek: Horizon Keeps Smashing Records

Back in February this year I reported that Horizon had passed the 5 million viewer mark. Well, I took another look just this week to see where it stood after almost nine months had passed.

The current viewer numbers for Star Trek: Horizon stands at a whopping 7.2 Million views, this is not only more than any other Star Trek fan film in history (feel free to comment below if this is wrong) but I went to compare it to Prelude to Axanar, as you all know Axanar once held this title and at one point was considered the “best” fan film made to date.

Well not only has Horizon smashed Axanar’ record but it has more than doubled it, currently as it stands Prelude to Axanar is sitting stagnant at 3.2 Million YouTube views, so while Horizon continues to go from strength to strength, Axanar seems to be moving along at a snail’s pace, could this be because while Horizon is a full film with the key ingredients, such as a beginning, middle and an end, or because Prelude to Axanar has had its day who knows?

Axanar for what it is, is a good bit of fun but it lacks the complexities of a story and because of this it is to me, Prelude is not something you can re-watch over and over. 

All I can say is, congratulations to Tommy and the Team at Horizons, whatever it is you are doing to keep this film moving along at this pace is nothing short of amazing.

Prelude to Axanar – YouTube figures as of 14/10/17
Star Trek Horizon -YouTube figures as of 14/10/17