The Problem with Naming and Shaming – Sabotage UPDATE

In today’s culture, it is so easy to name and shame someone with it happening every day for so many different reasons, people do it because the received bad service at a restaurant or, simply because they dislike what some company has done, to be honest, the list really is endless.

The definition of naming and shaming according to the Cambridge English Dictionary is:

“The activity of saying publicly that a person, company, etc. has behaved in a bad or illegal way”

So the question is when does it become wrong and is it the right thing to do?

We are not talking about extremely important things like the #metoo campaign or naming and shaming people for legitimate reasons, what we are talking about is when people are named and shamed for silly things, or things that could lead to possible defamation and libel to all parties involved this includes anyone openly publishing names, due to incorrect information being circulated or worse because the claims have no basis in truth.”

Yesterday we published an article on the damage and vandalising to the sets at Starbase Studios, but one thing we did not do was mention the names of who MAY! Be involved in this deed, this was not to obfuscate anything, but it was to protect them as much as everyone at Starbase Studios.

In the 20+ minute video that was published yesterday and is linked in the original article, the only names that were made public were the people directly involved within the video itself, although others were indeed mentioned within the video Kent decided to bleep them out after obtaining legal advice, and although we are fully aware of all parties involved in this situation, we have chosen to honour the request made to us to retain the anonymity of all the names involved.

Nevertheless since our article was published there has been a great deal of speculation as to who may be involved, and as to the reasons this happened, which unfortunately has led to a known “fan film blog” irresponsibly publishing the names of who they think might be involved, the blog does not go into too much detail or state how they obtained this information, but one thing it does do, is open up this entire situation to even more public speculation as to who, what, when or why this happened.

Until such time as we are allowed to, we will not be confirming names of anyone involved, as not only are we not interested in pointing fingers, but this is because we have no business in reporting incorrect or misleading information.

So like yesterday we are asking that any and all! enquires please be directed to Starbase Studios directly via private message and not to us.

lastly, some words of advice to anyone wanting to spread misleading information or to anyone reading it, do not believe everything you read, wait for the truth to come out it always does.