How Did The Borg Get Here?

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Although I don’t believe the Borg are really a threat to the Federation any longer at this point, there are numerous polls out there on the Internet, that rank the Borg cube as one of the most powerful ships, and often it is thought to be one of the few vessels in the Star Trek Universe that could effectively defeat the Jem’hadar in battle. If you are not familiar with the Jem’hadar, may I suggest you watch the Deep Space Nine series.

The Jem’hadar warship is believed by many to be one of the most devastating warships in the Trek Universe. I’m curious as to if we can put a definitively valid origin on how the Borg came into The Trek world, after all, they’ve been around since the mid-15th century(VOY “Dragon’s Teeth”).

(CBS) The Borgs Devastating Encounter with Species 8472 – “Scorpion” – VOY

There are many arguments to be had as to how and when the Borg came to the Alpha Quadrant. Even the why could be open for discussion. I mean, their origin is the Delta Quadrant, and there’s more than enough to deal with over there, especially species 8472. As I have recently discovered, there are many time & dates, as well as distance, discrepancies in the existing theories of Borg Presence that exist out there.

If we follow the sequential timeline for the Borg being aware of human presence in the galaxy, we must start at what we believe to be the beginning as far as series appearance. Which means we eliminate The Original Series (TOS), go right to The Next Generation (TNG), and eliminate all the surrounding series and prequels thereafter; Voyager (VOY), Deep Space 9 (DS9), Enterprise (ENT), Discovery (DSC), and as irrelevant as it might seem now, Star Trek Picard (PCD). 

(CBS) The Enterprise-D Encounters The Borg – “Q-Who” – TNG

In the TNG 41st episode “Q Who(Memory Alpha Year 2365) Q, the omnipotent boasting self-centred piece of arrogance that he is, argues with Picard for a position with his crew on the Enterprise. Q uses the reasoning that Picard and the Enterprise crew, are not ready for what’s out there. Picard argues that they are ready and capable of whatever comes their way. With that, Q mutters a response, waves his hand and the Enterprise is hurled into an unrecognized area of space. Upon checking, Data reveals that they’ve been thrown 7,000 light years from where they were into system J25 (supposedly into the Delta Quadrant – some will argue it’s the Beta).

Here’s the first questionable discrepancy in our quest. 7,000 light years is not that far. Our Galaxy is about 100,000 light-years across, and if you break that into quadrants, it is going to take more than 7,000 light years to get to another one, let alone a quadrant that isn’t adjacent to our own Alpha Quadrant. Anyway, here is where we get our first Borg Encounter. As far as we know at that moment, Thanks to Q, the Borg becomes aware of the Human, Species number 5168 and their technology. From there, the timelines are so far applicable to the now chronological order of appearance and continue to be so until you look at a few missed details. 

(Paramount) The Borg At The Battle Of Sector 001 – “Star Trek: First Contact”

So, TNG continued its dealings with the Borg right up through the movie “Star Trek: First Contact“, where the Borg travels back in time to prevent Earth from developing Warp Technology. The crew of the TNG Enterprise secures the Warp Technology development and leave quite a few dysfunctional Borg bodies in their wake. This opens the door for the Borg appearance in the series Enterprise, and the continuing chronological appearances after ENT, thereby making the emergence of the Borg in “Q Who”, the third appearance, Right? Wrong, and here’s why.

The human element of the Enterprise crew in “Q Who” was not the first Humans to encounter the Borg and earn the label “Species 5618”. No, at this point, that honor belongs to the Hansens, onboard a Federation Science Vessel “The U.S.S. RAVEN” under the Alias “Jeffries” (USS RAVEN MemAlpha)  Disobeying a direct order from Star Fleet to Return, The Hansens took the Raven into the Neutral zone while following a Borg Cube, were pulled into a Borg Trans-Warp Conduit into the Delta Quadrant. In the year 2355, Magnus and Erin Hansen, along with their daughter Annika (A.K.A, 7 of 9) at the age of 6, were assimilated into the Borg Collective.

(CBS) 7 of 9 & Captain Janeway – “The Gift” – VOY

However, and this is a note of great significance, Annika, being too young, was placed in a Borg Maturation Chamber, emerging as a Borg Drone in 2361. That whole incident takes place 10 Years before the encounter with the Enterprise in “Q Who”. So now this leaves you thinking that the Hansens were the first humans to be assimilated, but how can that be? It can’t, and here’s why.

The Borg are methodical in numbering the species added to the collective, and with Humans being at 5168 – that’s high up on their conquests, but there’s one key factor that gives credence to the fact that the Hansens were not the first. Most notably, the note that Magnus Hansen made just before he was assimilated. He noted the species before his capture was species 6961 (Borg Collective Fandom) That literally tells us that the Human race was encountered some 1800 species prior. We can’t attribute this to the Time Travel in “First Contact” because all this with the Hansens, happened before the TNG involvement. So where then? Well – it certainly leaves this writer wondering.

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