LGBTQ+ In Trek – Equality – Pride & Black Lives Matter

Firstly, from all of us at Trekpshere, we want to wish you all Happy Pride.

As you all know Treksphere is the ONLY Star Trek fan website that allows you to pitch your ideas for articles based upon anything within the Star Trek universe, be it your favourite show, movie, book, or actor the list is truly endless.

Combined with articles published all year round, during Pride Month Treksphere invites members of the LGBTQ+ community to write about how this franchise has helped them through some tough times in their lives.

For the last two years, this has been a great success and we want to extend our thanks to everyone who has written one of these truly touching articles, your words have helped many.

(TREKLAD TWITTER) Equality For All

This year we have decided to not only ask members of the LGBTQ+ community to again write about their experiences but, as we all know the worlds in unrest right now not just with the pandemic but with people standing up and fighting for the rights of Black Lives everywhere a cause Trekpshere firmly supports.

One thing Treksphere stands firm with is our guiding principle of equality for all regardless of race, sexuality, religion, or gender and this year we have decided in the spirit of PRIDE and EQUALITY to expand our invitation to write for Treksphere to everyone within the Black community.

We want to give you a voice and a place to share how Star Trek has helped you.

So, what can you write about, well honestly the answer is anything you wish, but we are interested in articles covering how Star Trek has helped you cope with or helped you overcome discrimination.

Charities Chosen for 2020

Furthermore this year Treksphere will be donating ALL revenue earned from our online stores from now until the end of August 2020 equally to the charities below.

So please head to our stores now grab some great Trek merch… Or if you wish you can donate directly to one or all of these charities 🙂 and help those in need by simply clicking the buttons below.

MIND OUT – MindOut is a mental health service run by and for lesbians, gay, bisexual, trans and queer people with experience of mental health issues.

To find out more about this charity follow this LINK

The Okra Project – The Okra Project is a 100% grassroots, organizer-led initiative with the goal of combatting food insecurity in the Black Trans/GNC Trans/GNC community.

To find out more about this charity recommend by Discovery actor Wilson Cruz follow them on Twitter

The Bail Project – The Bail Project provides funds to pay bail for those who have been arrested during the protests, and you can split your donation between the 39 bail funds.

To find our more about this charity follow this LINK.

So if you are interested just click the button below and sign up now, we promise you that no topic will be dismissed, this is about YOU!