Review - 1:32 Scale Galileo Shuttle From Round 2/Polar Lights - Unboxing

Review – 1:32 Scale Galileo Shuttle From Round 2/Polar Lights – Unboxing

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During the mid-2260s, Class F shuttles were based at starbases and aboard Constitution-class starships, this shuttle was the most famous shuttles to appear in “Star Trek: The Original Series”, and now thanks to Round 2 you can own and build your own.

Back in June, we had the opportunity to hear from Round 2’s Jamie Hood as he shared information on the development and release of the new 1:32 scale Galileo shuttlecraft.

As one kit that has never been truly kitted, in our interview jamie had this to say about the kits development

“I’m not going to say ‘I don’t get it’, but I was surprised when the Galileo ranked so highly when put it up against other kit possibilities. I think the primary appeal is that it comes from TOS and it has never been kitted accurately.”

This kit, mastered by Hood and Gary Kerr promises to provide modellers with the first authentically detailed large scale kit of the iconic vehicle in the history of Star Trek modelling. When it arrived at the local hobby shop, I couldn’t resist the calling, so I picked one up.

Join me for our unboxing video where we look at the kit itself, compare it with the old AMT kit, and where you will get to hear my muse on some inspiration for my build.

You can purchase this model from Amazon by clicking > HERE <

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