Review - Star Trek Nerd Search - Quibbles with Tribbles

Review – Star Trek Nerd Search – Quibbles with Tribbles

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Do you believe to have an encyclopedic knowledge of all things Trek? You have been trough all the quizzes and trivia online and you still are looking for a challenge?

Nerd Search’s “Star Trek: Quibbles with Tribbles” might just manage to itch that scratch. With this search and find puzzle book, you can expect more than a simple “Find waldo” type of challenge.

This book was written by Glenn Dakin and illustrated by John Ross with colours by Alan Craddock is published by Eaglemoss features eight beautifully drawn scenes.

Quibbles with Tribbles is fueled by every Trekkie’s need to nitpick Star Trek to the bone, the introduction to the book sets the mood by pointing out some inconsistencies present in the Original Series and how their presence is not unusual, but the level in which how fans care about those is and how that is what makes Trekkies so special.

In each of the wonderfully drawn eight scenes the reader is expected to accomplish four different challenges, find the exploding tribble, find five continuity errors, find artefacts from different episodes, and find the elusive super quibbles. Each item is scored accordingly on a provided cardboard scorecard for a maximum of… You guessed it 1701 Points!

While this might sound simple at first glance, you will be able to spot the most glaring artefacts and errors but as you will soon realize as you check off items on the checklist that there’s still a lot of searching to do. Some you might think are errors while they are not, and others are very convoluted (For example, one is based on the nutritional habits of a certain alien species).

So, even if the book is fun for all Trekkies, if you have any hope of scoring the whole 1701 points you will have to be an absolute expert in the TOS era since the book is squarely set in that era (Tough some of the inconsistencies can be from other eras in the form of anachronisms).

When you will feel confident enough that you have found all the clues that you could, you will be able to find the answer key for each scene at the end pages, each clue mapped to a quadrant of the art drafted on the right side of the page. You will then be able to calculate your points and see if your sleuthing skills are as sharp as the teeth of a Vulcan Sehlat!

The book is wonderfully illustrated, the details are clear and all the characters are recognizable at first glance without having to second guess yourself, the colours are vibrant and provide that characteristic TOS “Vibe” that you will most certainly put you in the mood to watch the episode.

If I am to find a gripe with the book it is that since the artwork is spread over two pages, some clues can be cloaked by the bounding of the book in the middle, some might feel uncomfortable pressing down on the middle to see more details they might have missed by fear of damaging it.

An unfoldable page on the right side with presentation text on the left might have alleviated some of the issues I had in preserving the structural integrity of this book. In the same order of idea, scoring the cardboard for the scorecard to make them detachable might have also helped make the game part of the book a bit handier.

This book is radically different from the other works you’d expect to see coming from Eaglemoss, where they previously released books more focused on the design and technical aspect of Star Trek, this offering is a welcome addition that displays the same amount of love and attention to detail that we expect from them. While the book is a bit short with only eight puzzles, its fair price ($21.28 USD as of 17/04/2021) more than makes up for it, and we only hope to see more books added to this series to please the TNG, DS9, VGR and ENT fans, all we have to do is have a bit of having faith of the heart.

You can buy this book in all its glory from HERE

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