Trek Merch – Hero Collector’s Borg Cube Advent Calendar

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Resistance is useless, your festiveness shall be adapted to service…us. 

Yes, it’s here! The Cube I’ve been longing for! Hero Collector’s Borg Cube Advent Calendar. Remember how in my last toy review we did a little spotlight on this? Well, we’ve got more tantalising information coming our way! 

Last time we got some hints as to what could be coming our way with this wonderful cube. Now we have even more details, and oh boy does it make me want this geometric wonder even more. 

Inside and out this looks to be the perfect gift for the Star Trek fan in your life, or perhaps a gift for yourself. The detailing on the cube exterior is wonderful, the ominous Borg cube glow is captured perfectly with a sleek and nicely finished design. It looks like it is a custom job that has been specifically made for the packaging and it doesn’t appear to be a repeating texture, meaning that each side looks unique and very stylish. The look easily matches the textures for the cubes as seen in Voyager and First Contact meaning that it would look right at home amongst a feel of other ships on your shelves. 

HERO COLLECTOR’S Borg Advent Calendar

There are three main draws in the cube, with each draw containing a selection of gifts. It’s such a neat package that fits together so nicely. Each of the facings on the days of the month contains that same Borg cube structuring, but this time more greyed out and muted but with little green glowing accents, it keeps a nice sense of design continuity throughout. Each of the smaller containers features a stylised number and the looming Borg emblem, it’s a cute little detail that makes it stand out for me as a packaging and design nerd. 

So far, the list of treats consists of a snazzy coaster set with a design based on the console screens from The Original Series, a pair of Enterprise-D socks, and an espresso cup commemorating the first warp flight in human history in the (growing ever closer) year of 2063.

A further detail that has been revealed to us is that each gift comes wrapped in specially branded wrapping paper along with an additional note that gives further information about each item. As mentioned previously, the box itself doubles as a means of displaying all your goodies when you’re not using them. 

HERO COLLECTOR’S Borg Advent Calendar
HERO COLLECTOR’S Borg Advent Calendar

Ben Robbinson had a bit more to say on the calendar itself:

“I’m so pleased we’re doing this Borg cube Advent calendar,” says Ben Robinson, Hero Collector’s General Editor. “All the items you get are fun, useful and charming. I think they will really make people smile. There’s a lot to be said for that. Everything in the Borg cube Advent calendar is brand-new and exclusive. So, you can buy it for someone knowing that they won’t have any of it… Even if that person is yourself.”

The more I read and write about this thing, the more I need it. You can now pre-order it from the Hero Collector website with the cubes hoping to ship in September. But be warned, such wonderful luxury cannot be simply replicated, instead there is a bit of a price tag attached. £109.99 (UK) Pounds, or $139.99 dollars (US). Which is a big price to pay.

Of course without fullying knowing what is inside the box does make me a little nervous that only some of the goods are worth the price, while some might just be Star Trek themed tat. That said, given the list of quality items we know of so far, we can hope that the rest are of equally high quality. 

Order From This Link

What else could be in this cube of mystery? Got any theories, or anything you’d like to see? Let us know in the comments below. And until next time – Live Long and Prosper!

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