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Trek Merch – The Delta Quadrant, Vol. 2 – Ledosian To Zahl

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It’s safe to say that between the Borg, and Species 8472, Voyager came across more than a couple of unique looking and interesting ships! Star Trek: Voyager was rife with fantastical ship designs. Now, if only there was some way to collect all of these in one large compendium, some sort of highly detailed volume that gives us an intricate look at the ships of the Delta Quadrant? Well, wonder no further, Hero Collectors have us covered. 

The Delta Quadrant VOL. 2 collects them all here! Hero Collector is at it again, by now I’m sure you’re all familiar with the previous works that we have covered on the site, such as The Star Trek Shipyards: 2151 – 2293 Encyclopedia and a personal favourite of mine The Illustrated DS9 Handbook (and if you haven’t checked out those reviews yet, what you waiting for! Go read those as well!) 

We’ve gone from Akritirian to Krenim, cubes to time ships, now it’s Ledosian all the way down to Zahl, following on from The Borg and the Delta Quadrant, this is the sixth entry in Hero Collector’s popular series of STAR TREK SHIPYARDS books. 

This second volume is a collaborative effort of many veteran Trek creatives, with some returning from previous similar trek encyclopedia projects. Some names might be familiar to you, such as:  Marcus Riley (editor of Eaglemoss’s STAR TREK Official Starships Collection, a veteran writer of the STAR TREK Fact Files reference work and the Briefings Editor of the U.S. STAR TREK: The Magazine, between 1999 and 2003. Riley also co-wrote the U.S.S. Enterprise Haynes Manual). Ian Chaddock (Numerous Star Trek projects as well as tie-in publications for Rick and Morty, WWE, MARVEL, and DC) Mark Wright (short stories and comics for Doctor Who, along with tie-ins to other series such as The Power Rangers and The Sarah Jane Adventures. He is a regular contributor to Doctor Who Magazine and co-wrote Hero Collector’s upcoming book, Battlestar Galactica: Designing Spaceships.)

So it’s safe to say that the creative crew behind the book know what they are doing! 

Using the original CG models from Star Trek: Voyager as a base reference, high detailed renders have been created allowing us to see all of these wonderful ships we once glimpsed on our grainy TVs in much sharper clarity. Along with this extra visual detail, comes even more technical detail featuring detailed technical overviews and operational histories.

Ben Robinson, Hero Collector’s General Editor had this to say on the book:

“Fans will see ships up close and personal, and learn more about those ships than they ever expected, especially the vessels that may have flashed for just a few seconds on their television screen years ago…Combined, the two official volumes form the most comprehensive account of ships from STAR TREK: VOYAGER ever produced.”

Given Hero Collector’s track record of high-quality production, I think it’s a no-brainer that this book will look absolutely gorgeous, matching the high-quality watermark set by their previous works. If dear readers, you’re anything like me, you’ll be waiting excitedly for the upcoming publications later this year from Hero Collector covering ships from all over the various Quadrants. Won’t it be something and a half? 

Are there any particular ships you’re looking forward to seeing and reading more about? Let us know! For me, it’s got to be the Kremin time ship, so unlike anything, we have ever really seen in Star Trek!

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