Classic Aliens To Make A Comeback?

During an interview with at New York Comic Con, showrunners Gretchen J. Berg and Aaron Harberts, mentioned the prospect of some old favourites returning to the screen,

“Let’s just say this: I love Andorians a lot,” Harberts teased. “I love the colour blue. And I think Tellarites are pretty cool.”

 “Yeah, I do too,” Berg chimed in.

“So, we may not go to those planets, but we may just see some of those characters,” Harberts continued. “They do belong to the Federation.”

While the pair did not say for sure if these species would make it on screen, according to the article on, they both hinted strongly that we may just get to see them on Star Trek: Discovery but Whether it will be this season or next (if it is renewed) only time will tell.

This news may be a throwback to the picture shown to us of the Andorian tentacles on Twitter back before Bryan Fuller departed the show.

The prospect of more founding members appearing on Discovery is awesome, however like the new look Klingons, if and when it happens, will their appearance mean a new look to them as well.

In Star Trek history, both the Andorian and Tellarites have been redesigned over the years, in fact, more recently they both took on a more realistic look in Enterprise, nevertheless as you can see from the images below their looks have varied a lot over the years. Regardless if they are redesigned it will be great to see these fan favourites back.


– The Many Faces Of Tellarites And Andorians In Star Trek –



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»Credit:, Pictures: CBS