Coming Soon To Treksphere…

As part of Trekpshere’s continued mission to bring the fans of not only Star Trek but Sci-Fi, in general, a vast array of content, we have some news we would like to share with you all.

As you may already know back in October 2017 we launched our first podcast “The Final Frontier” hosted by Adam Mullen and Bill Allen, in the last six months, Adam and Bill have released 12 episodes and interviewed an eclectic array of people from the Star Trek fan film community.

So with the success of our premiere podcast, Treksphere is proud to announce the launch of not one but TWO new podcasts.

Coming This! Friday, we will be launching

“Uncool Trekkie”

Hosted by: Vance Owen

UnCool Trekkie is a collective of things, ranging from reviews, insights of fan films, but mostly just the ramblings of a fat man.

Vance Major has maintained his YouTube account for years, recently for his fan films. He hosted the small time “convention” at Starbase Studios called the Promenade-action, as well as drawn the cover of the book VAMPIRE SYNDROME. He’s dabbled in a great many things and looks forward to working with Treksphere and just having fun again

You will be able to find “Uncool Trekkie” on YouTube, our Facebook page and here on


Then on Monday 9th April, we will be adding to our line up

“Sci-Fi’s Other Guys”

Hosted by: Douglas Nary Jr, Edwin Cintron and Julian Schecter

Friends Douglas Nary Jr, Edwin Cintron, and Julian Schecter are the creators of our YouTube Show entitled, “Sci-Fi’s Other Guys”. This show will focus on various topics that will include all mediums: books, tv shows, films, comic books, and video games. In addition, we will be featuring many guests, including celebrities. Each episode will consist of 30 minutes, and there will be opportunities in which certain episodes will spawn into trilogies, depending on the topic. On occasion, we will do live-streaming to provide our viewers with a chance to communicate with us in real-time and give away prizes as a way of saying thank you for tuning in.

When it is launched you will find “Sci-Fi’s Other Guys” YouTube, our Facebook page and here on, make sure you follow our Facebook page for updates and info on what is gearing up to be an amazing Sci-Fi podcast.

But that is not it, along with our new podcasts, in April we will be launching,

“The Treksphere YouTube Channel”

Hosted by: JP Cardin & James Hams

On Our YouTube channel, not only will you find all three of these productions, but we will also be uploading videos encompassing all aspects of Star Trek fandom ranging from interviews to convention footage.

We really hope you enjoy these productions as much as we have in planning them for you.

So mark your calendars and look out for all these new and exciting things heading your way soon.