Departing Spacedock

About a month ago, it dawned upon me I was spending more time making sure things were being updated with new images, links and info than actually posting content on Trekfanproductions, and to be honest I was getting to the point I was thinking about stopping. Yes, yes I can hear the cheers from here, well sorry to disappoint you, but I decided to try to alter the old site with some updates, in the hopes of it would allow me more time to add content.

Following what I would call a rather stressful and annoying few days, the updates did not go to plan and trying to update the coding to the last site kind of erm broke it lol oppppps.

So this left me with either rolling back things and leaving it as it was, or moving onwards with something I had planned to push into action come 2018.

So why the change? (other than I broke the last site shhhhhh)

Well, this is an important question, over the last twelve months Trekfanproductions had outgrown its original mandate and became so much more than I could have ever expected, or dreamt of, this achievement was not solely down to myself but to the guest authors and everyone else who has contributed to the site.

So like all things, the site had to evolve and grow, rather like Star Trek itself, so after some careful thought and decision making, I determined that it was time for the rebrand and a new mission. With the launch of Trek Sphere, it might make you ask well what about Trekfanproductions, well Trekfanproductions is always going to be a part of this site and its history and to be honest it is something I have fought to keep going so it is not going anywhere.

So instead of disregarding the name and letting anyone have it, as I am sure some people, would jump at the chance to obtain the name and do god knows what with it, I have decided to repurpose the name and the meaning of it. The domain still exists and will direct to the new site, and Trekfanproductions will now be known as Trekfanproductions Media.

Over the course of the next year, it is my hope to not only carry on covering all things fan related but to also branch off in a new direction, and cover more of this amazing world we call Trek, and the new website is only the first step in what I are sure will be a fascinating journey over the next few months. There is a lot in the pipeline and if all works out by Christmas, Trek Sphere will be growing even further, and more things will be added to the newly formed “Trekfanproductions Media” but to coin a phrase from one of my all-time favourite Doctor Who characters

But rest assured things are going to get fascinating..


But rest assured things are going to get fascinating, so keep an eye out for regular updates and info on what is to come.