Discovery Could Last a Long Time and Syncing Up With Canon

In a series of interviews, Discovery showrunner, Alex Kurtzman has not only implied that Discovery could last a long time but Discovery will be synced with canon at the end of this season.

In an interview with the UK online magazine, Digital Spy, Kurtzman told them

“[The series] can go for a long time,” he said. “A lot of the series have gone for a long time. The key is to constantly find a way to reinvent while also always delivering what people expect from the show.”

(CBS) Anson Mount as Captain Pike – DSC S2

Although this is great news for many, there is a small subset of fans who have been particularly vocal on how Discovery does not interlock up with canon, but Kurtzman addresses this concern,

“We are syncing up with canon [this season],” he told Digital Spy and other media. “We know we’re 10 years pre-TOS but there are a lot of big questions.

“Like, how come Spock is never mentioned as half-sister of Michael Burnham? This season is all about understanding what that relationship is. By the end of the season, we will be synced up with canon.”

(CBS) The Talosians – “The Cage”

Expanding further on the issue of Canon he went on to say,

“[Canon is] part of the daily conversation,” executive producer Heather Kadin explained. “There’s certain people in the room and – I say ‘fights’ very loosely – and fights will break out between them. ‘I want to do this,’ ‘But you can’t do that’ and I think that is also why you’re getting such a specific experience because all of that thought has gone into it.

“We’re always trying to make the best story, you have to also be true to the canon that came before you.”

It will be interesting to see how Discovery syncs up with canon, will we see the return of the TOS tunics and aesthetics or will we see a new take on what is already established. 


Discovery returns for season 2 17th Jan CBS All Access (USA), Space (Canada) and 18th Jan  Netflix (Rest of the World).