Hollywood Science Fiction Museum Founder Pleads Guilty On Child Pornography Charges

Back in April Huston Huddleston, real name Floyd Huston Huddleston III was arrested on child pornography and other related felony charges.

However, in his recent court appearance, he pleaded guilty to one count of possessing child pornography. The other criminal charges pending against him were dismissed during a Wednesday court hearing.

He now faces the sentence of time served (63 days he has already been custody, plus 63 days for good behaviour), three years probation, 52-week court-ordered sex offender counselling and he now has to register as a sex offender beginning in September 2018.

After trying to find out what this meant for the planned museums and bridge set, we managed to find a joint statement on Facebook issued by the former volunteers of the planned Hollywood Sci-Fi Museum and Hollywood Horror Museum.

“We were sickened to discover he has been charged with three counts of sexual crimes against a minor, something none of us wants any association with and therefore we have resigned from our respective positions.”

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Guilty, Floyd Huston Huddleston III

Who is Floyd “Huston” Huddleston?

For the folks who have no idea who he is, in 2011 Huddleston was one of a trio of fans who decided to rescue the TNG touring set that was one of the replicas built for Star Trek: The Experience, Las Vegas, NV and was not the one used to film The Next Generation TV series, as many fans will know that one was destroyed while filming Generations.

Expanding upon his ideas in 2014 he also set his sights on creating two further ventures, The Hollywood Sc-Fi Museum and the Hollywood Horror Museum.

Nevertheless, since 2014 there has not appeared to be any substantial movement on the museums or the bridge regardless of the tweet sent out in February this year where Huddleston hinted that things “almost there”

“Almost There” But what happens now?

As of June 22nd, there has been no mention on the social media accounts of any of Huddleston’s endeavours and what he plans to do moving forward if anything, however, one has to ask themselves what has happened not only to the bridge set but to all the items donated by the many fans who donated a lot of their personal memorabilia, not to mention is who would want to be associated with Huddleston after his conviction?

To find out more about this and to read more into the history of the Sci-Fi Museum, Horror Museum and the Save The TNG Bridge, click the links below.