IDW Announce Miniseries As A Follow Up To Discovery S2 Finale

One of the main things people have been reeling over since the season 2 finale last week was how the beloved characters that we left behind, dealt with the fallout from Discovery’s jump to the 32nd Century.

Well, now we get to find out, teased at WonderCon last month, IDW today announced the release of a new Discovery miniseries to explore the repercussions of the second season finale.

Kirsten Beyer, Mike Johnson and Tony Shasteen, the writing tandem and artist behind IDW publishing’s acclaimed Star Trek: Discovery – The Light of Kahless, have joined forces again for Star Trek: Discovery – Aftermath.

(IDW) Star Trek: Discovery – Aftermath

In a statement, Johnson said:

“The new series shows how Pike, Spock, L’Rell, and the rest of the cast deal with the fallout from the mind-blowing events of Season Two,”

“And we couldn’t be happier that Tony Shasteen is beaming back onboard for this story!”

IDW editor Chase Marotz added:

“To be able to follow up on the huge status-quo shift presented in that finale is a dream come true, especially with a team as talented as Kirsten, Mike, and Tony,”

“In terms of fitting into the broader universe presented in Discovery, this new series is perhaps our most essential yet, and I can’t wait for everybody to see what we’ve got in store for them.”


The series will kick off in August. Pre-orders should be available at your local comic retailers and online by late May early June, we will update you with preorder links for this title when they become available.