Lorca Returns In “Rise Of Discovery”, Scaling T6 Ships And More

With the second season of Star Trek: Discovery now over and the long wait for season 3 is now underway, getting your fix of Discovery is now easier than just watching reruns of Seasons 1 & 2.

Coming May 2019 on PC, and in June 2019 for consoles, Star Trek: Online is set to release another content update in the form of the new expansion “Rise of Discovery”, this new expansion will continue the crossover with the show that started with the release of “Age of Discovery” back in October 2018.

Along with a new reputation “Rise of Discovery” will feature the return of fan favourites Captain Lorca and Commander Landry, voiced by Jason Isaacs and Rekha Sharma.

Season one of Discovery left us with some unanswered questions about Prime Lorca, and while we learnt the fate of both Prime and Mirror Landry, the fate of Prime Lorca remains somewhat of a mystery, “Rise of Discovery” aims to fill in some blanks and give us a bit of backstory about the pair across two episodes.

Set before the events of Discovery Season one, this new expansion will require you to team up with Landry to rescue Prime Lorca and deal with the House Mo’Kai.

While Star Trek: Online is set in the year 2410, players will be able to join in the fun of this new expansion on any character that has completed the necessary steps, you will not need to make a new captain to play through the new Discovery episodes.

Along with the new episodes, “Rise of Discovery” will introduce a new Discovery themed Tier 6 reputation “Discovery Legends”. As with all new reputations, players will have to earn the marks needed to progress through the new reputation, Discovery marks will be available from the returning TFOs “Operation: Riposte,” “Peril over Pahvo,” and “Pahvo Dissension,”.

(CBS/Cryptic/PWE) Buran Command Dreadnought Cruiser [T6] – A Scaling Ship Available in game NOW

Following on from the “Prototype Light Exploration Cruiser” Walker class that was released with “Age of Discovery, with “Rise of Discovery”, all Tier 6 vessels, are being converted into free-for-all ships, available to players of any level.

Much like the Walker class, all Tier 6 ships will scale to the player’s level, so whether you have ships from the C-Store, a Lock Box, or from the Exchange, no longer will you have to stare at them in your inventory until you reach the level needed, removing these level restrictions means, from the moment you have completed the tutorial missions, you will be able to collect your favourite ship from Spacedock and use it to progress through the game.

Another major win for players is no longer will you be stuck with the “standard issue” equipment that came preloaded on to all ships, Cryptic have decided they will be replacing these with gear that scales along with you. 

Read more about this new feature HERE

More details on the update and the changes to Tier 6 ships will be available ahead of “Rise of Discovery”, so check back as we will update you as and when new information is released.