Picard Series News, Trek 2009 & STO

Yet more news is trickling out in regards to the new shows that are coming our way in the next 12 – 18 months, this time we got some significant news on the new as of yet untitled “Picard” series due to premiere late 2019.

Yesterday we got the first solid bit of information as to what to expect when Picard returns in the new show later this year, in an article published on THR, Discovery and CBS’s head Trek man explains a little more on what we are to expect.

The new show will be the first time we get to see a series set after the events of Nemesis and after the destruction of Romulus (ST2009)

“Picard’s life was radically altered by the dissolution of the Romulan Empire.”

This event is said to have a major impact on the Picard we all know and love, and it will alter the way we see him on screen.

Patrick Stewart has never been shy about not wanting to return to the Trek franchise and when the news broke back at STLV18 that he would indeed be set to return once again it made many wonders how did Kurtzman manage to pull this off.

In the same interview, we found out just how he managed to pull off such a feat when approached Stewart told Kurtzman

“If we do this, I want it to be so different, I want it to be both what people remember but also not what they’re expecting at all, otherwise why do it?’ “

In a meeting with Stewart, Kurtzman, along with then-Star Trek: Discovery producer Akiva Goldsman and writer Kirsten Beyer, met to pitch their vision on what the new series would be.

“What we tried to convey in that meeting was how desperately we loved him and the character and how much we wanted to see what happened to Picard,”

Wanting to see what Kurtzman and team had in mind, Stewart asked them to prepare a three-page document outlining their ideas. However, by this point, Michael Chabon (Calypso Writer) had joined the team to pitch a Picard-centric show, it soon became apparent that they could not fit their ideas into just three pages.

“It turned into a 34-page document — with no way to shorten it,” says Kurtzman. “We were going on all in and he was going to read it or not read it, love it or hate it. It was our best attempt at trying to get him to say yes.”

And because of this Stewart loved what they had in mind…

“He walked into the room and he had a huge smile on his face and said, ‘This is wonderful,'” recalls Kurtzman of that March 2018 meeting with Stewart.” What he understood at that point … was that he was with people who desperately wanted to collaborate with him, that we weren’t trying to exploit him. He knew if he was going to go back to Picard, it needed to be for the greatest reason ever.”

With the news that the destruction of the Romulan System will play a pivotal role in the new series, fans have taken to social media to express their options on this big bit of news, for the most part the fans reactions have been positive yet there has been some less please and some just getting the wrong impression that this show will be set in the “Kelvinverse”.

(Paramount) The Hobus Supernova – “Star Trek 2009”

One bit of information that we knew previously to this was the show was to be set in or around 2399, 20years post Nemesis, and so it is not surprising that they have chosen to incorporate the Hobus Supernova as this is an already established important piece of Trek Lore.

In the year 2387, an imminent supernova of the Hobus star endangered Romulus and Remus the homeworlds of the Romulan Star Empire and, potentially, the rest of the galaxy as well. Spock developed a stockpile of “Red Matter”, a substance that can be ignited to form a singularity.

Nevertheless, the star exploded while he was en route, and both Romulus & Remus were destroyed. Spock launched the red matter from his ship, the Jellyfish, to prevent further damage. Immediately, Spock was confronted by a surviving Romulan mining vessel, the Narada, captained by Nero. Spock tried to escape, but the ensuing black hole captured both the Jellyfish and the Narada, creating a disturbance in the space-time continuum sending both ships into the past.

So although the bulk of the film was set in the Kelvinverse, this small yet important part of the film’s plot was indeed set in the Prime Timeline, and if you play Star Trek: Online which is seen by many as the “unofficial” conical continuation of the Prime Timeline you would know just how devastating this event was, and how this impacted the Romulan empire afterwards.

In regards to the events in Star Trek: Online and how this might impact the show, in one of the games live streams with its Community Manager, addressed this very question.

The makers of the game have been asked to provide the show’s team with bits of information in regards of plot points and other aspects of the game, so it will be interesting to see if any of the games stories make its way into the show or vice versa.

You can read more about how the Hobus Supernova impacts the new series in this “Guest Author” Article.