Short Trek: Calypso

In less than two days the newest Short Trek Calypso is due to hit our screens (well in North America as there is still no news for international release), written by bestselling author Michael Chabon, Directed by Discovery veteran Olatunde Osunsanmi and staring Trek newcomer Aldis Hodge, Calypso like its runtime is a step away from the usual feeling of Star Trek in terms of its setting.

(CBS) “Calypso” – Craft (Aldis Hodge)

For the first time Star Trek will propel the story far into its own timeline setting Calypso in the 33rd century, are we are about to get a look at what the future of the federation will look like.

Recently interviewed by, Chabon described Calypso as

It is a story about two isolated people, and the film itself is in a way isolated from the vast tapestry of Star Trek. Romulans, Klingons, Starfleet politics — none of that matters, none of it plays the role in the story at all. This is all taking place on this little tiny speck of a ship in the middle of the vastness of space. These two people are as alone as two people can possibly be.

(CBS) “Calypso” – Craft (Aldis Hodge)

Rather than spotlighting a character from Star Trek: Discovery like “Runaway”, this “Short Trek” will introduce a new character to the ever-growing Star Trek family, Craft (Aldis Hodge).

But who is Craft? In a recent interview with Hodge was asked to describe his character,

A little bit of backstory on him: he’s a soldier who, when the ship discovers him, he’s just coming off of a war. He’s been gone for 10 years, fighting this war. So for him, he’s well-trained to adapt to situations that are foreign to him…the difference here is that the relationship to be discovered with the ship is very odd and sort of formative for him, because it’s the first time he’s been able to communicate with anyone or anything in this way in such a long time


The details about exactly why this short will be set 1000 years from Discovery remain unclear, however, we are excited to see if Calypso ties into Discovery Season 2.



So make sure you catch Calypso, November 8th to CBS All Access in the USA and Space in Canada.


You can view the entire first season of Discovery on CBS All Access (USA), Space (Canada) and Netflix (Rest of the World).