SIX! Short Treks On The Way, Picard Teaser & Pike RETURNS

For a while now we have known that more ‘Short Treks’ are on their way but this weekend we found out a few more details on what to expect.

During the Star Trek: Discovery panel in Hall H, Alex Kurtzman revealed a few more details about what these shorts will be about.

First off he revealed THREE of these Short Treks will bring back fan favourites, Ethan Peck, Rebecca Romijn and Anson Mount as Captain Pike, two of the ‘Short Treks’ will be animated but they will not be animated in the same style as the two new animated shows, one will be directed by Michael Giacchino (who composed the score for Star Trek 2009) and the other by Discovery director Olatunde Osunsanmi.

And the last one of them will be a ‘Teaser’ for the new show Star Trek: Picard showing the back story of Jean Luc 15 years ago teasing what leads up to the new show.

(CBS) Ethan Peck, Rebecca Romijn as Spock & No1

Although we were treated to some teasers of what to expect from the two animated and the Picard short, we were not told exactly what each of these will be about.

We did get some info regarding the three ‘Pike’ shorts. and judging from what was said during the panel and the trailer (which was only for the Pike era shorts) the ‘Pike’ era shorts will be:

One has a newly arrived ‘Ensign’ Spock and Number One stuck in a turbolift (written by Picard showrunner Michael Chabon)

Another is set on the Pike-era Enterprise has what looks like ‘killer’ tribbles in it, with a child eating a baby tribble (guest-starring H. Jon Benjamin Archer, Bob’s Burgers).

(CBS) Anson Mount as Pike in Short Treks

And lastly, another of these shorts stars Anson Mount as Captain Pike who seems to be behind held hostage but another Starfleet officer.

One take away from the trailer is, it is not clear whether we will get to see all three of these cast members on screen at the same time.

The only other thing that relates to the other shorts is we were shown the titles of all six shorts, and they are:

  • “Ask Not,”
  • “Q&A,”
  • “The Trouble with Edward,”
  • “The Girl Who Made the Stars,”
  • “Ephaim and Dot”
  • and “Children of Mars.”

As per the trailer, these shorts are due to drop on CBS All Access this fall.

So far there is no news as to where the Short Treks will end up internationally, they are likely to head to Space in Canada, but due to Picard showing on Amazon Prime Video and Discovery on Netflix, the shorts could end up on either or both of these platforms.

Watch the trailer for the ‘Short Treks’ below

You can also watch the entire Star Trek: Discovery Comic-Con panel: