Star Trek: Picard, Leaked Images Appear Online

Less than 24 hours since the CBS upfront and the first official sneak peek of Star Trek: Picard (its official name) there have been a few leaked images from what appears to be on location filming.

These Newly surfaced photos leaked from the set of Star Trek: Picard, taken today at the Anaheim Convention Centre (home of Wondercon), appear to show a large on location set, swarming with Starfleet personnel.

It would be as easy to read these photos as confirmation of a Starfleet Academy setting, but the busy traffic in these photos it looks more like Starfleet HQ, furthermore, the foot traffic generally looks older in appearance than you would expect at the Academy.

Taken from a distance, the photos are too blurry for any details, though many on social media have made the comment that these might be cadets, instead of Starfleet officers, this might be true however at this stage there is no way of knowing, although they do indeed have a striking resemblance to the cadet uniforms seen in the TNG episode “First Duty

(CBS) Cadet Uniforms As Seen In TNG “First Duty”

However, the uniforms also have a striking resemblance to not only the uniforms seen in the Star Trek: Countdown Comics, but they also resemble the uniforms seen in Star Trek: Online, both of these are set around the same time as the new show is meant to take place.

It is worth noting that the makers of STO have been asked to provide the show’s team with bits of information in regards of plot points and other aspects of the game, so it will be interesting to see if any of the game’s stories make its way into the show or vice versa.

There has also been a lot of speculation over the badges seen on the uniforms, although the images are taken from a distance, it appears similar to the one we’ve seen before.

(CBS) Hard To See The Commbadges But It Appears Similar To The Ones In “All Good Things”

Lastly Captured by attendees to a business conference, these lucky people seem to have caught a glimpse of the action being shot and in one photo actress, Isa Briones can be seen sat next to Patrick Stewart.

Regardless of what speculations we might draw about these leaked photos, it does look like Jean-Luc Picard has been away from Starfleet for a while and he looks out of place with the hustle.

With conventions like San Diego Comic Con in July may not have to wait look to learn more about Star Trek: Picard

The ten episode first season of Star Trek: Picard will premiere on CBS All Access late in 2019.

Read what we know about the new show below…

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