The Ideals of “Star Trek” to Feature in Human Rights Lectures

One thing Star Trek has always taught us is tolerance and acceptance to all, so it is no surprise that this ideology is to feature in a series of lectures at the forthcoming, The University of California, Davis, Human Rights Lecture Series.

In a 3 event-series starting on Dec. 4th, Davis Chancellor Gary S. May and Human Rights Studies Director Keith David Watenpaugh will be holding a lecture titled, “Star Trek/Human Rights: To Boldly Go to Human Rights for All.” The idea of this lecture is to explore how the ideas and topics of Star Trek can be used as a teaching tool for human rights topics and an indicator of where we currently stand on human rights.

Watenpaugh is quoted in saying, “Linking human rights issues to a familiar and beloved popular cultural phenomenon creates a starting point for conversations about a difficult topic.”

The 7 p.m. talk will be held at the Crocker Art Museum, 216 O St., Sacramento, admission is free, however, it is advised you register your interest for this free! Public event.

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» Source: UC Davis, Photo by Josh Meister/Georgia Tech Alumni Magazine, Credit-H/T: Jeffrey Day