Type II Discovery Phaser, Anovos Info & How To 3D Print Your Own

A little over 4 days ago Anovos announced the release of the fully interactive Type II Discovery Phaser replica, and judging from the fact they have already sold out waves 1 & 2 (total of 100 units) this is a much sought after item.

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The official description from Anaovs is as follows

Wave 3 Delivery April 2018!

Wave 1 & 2 Phasers Have Been Sold Through!

ANOVOS is proud to offer the STAR TREK™ DISCOVERY Starfleet Phaser Pistol Interactive Prop Replica. Shipping estimated to begin in waves, with the SOLD THROUGH Wave 1 (50 units) being shipped in December 2017 and SOLD THROUGH Wave 2 (50 units) being shipped in February 2018.

Wave 3 (50 units*) to ship April 2018. Wave 4 (50 units**) to ship in June 2018, with additional waves to subsequently follow in pre-described shipping pattern. Pre-order items are subject to change in availability and features. This item is eligible for Payment Plan options upon checkout.

This STAR TREK™ DISCOVERY costume accessory was created using reference taken from the original screen-used production assets, and produced in the exacting manner that the screen-used pieces were for production.

  • Fully-finished interactive replica, with 3D print construction just like the actual hero production pieces were for production of STAR TREK™ DISCOVERY.
  • “Stun” and “Kill” settings selected by side switch on both left and right side, with lit “ring” indicator light at top. (“Stun” is blue; “Kill” is red.)
  • Removable “P1” / cricket phaser from top, with spring-loaded pop-up scope. 
  • Removable magnetic battery “clip” with lit indicator light goes into pistol handle, as per original asset. 
  • Replaceable consumer batteries — no need to worry about shelf-life for unserviceable, custom-made rechargeable batteries.
  • Rotating barrel.
  • Display stand.
  • Certificate of Authenticity from ANOVOS

Although at the hefty price tag of $500/ £381* /€429*, this is not for the faint of heart, nevertheless it is an awesome piece of merchandise and for anyone who can afford it, a must have.

To preorder the Official Discovery Type II Phaser CLICK HERE

But what happens when you cannot afford to indulge out on something that luxurious?  Well, there is some excellent news, in the age of 3D printers you can grab the template and 3D print one for yourself.

Over the last few months numerous fans all over social media have been showing off their own 3D printed models, and they are awesome, now obviously these 3D printed models are going to be lacking the finesse of the Anovos model, as they will not have the detachable Type I phaser and they will not come with that finish you’d expect from something cast from a hero prop, but this will no doubt be some good news to those who want to have one sat on their shelf even if it is not as good.

One thing Treksphere likes to do is help people who want to make fan films a reality, and we are sure that many fans want to make that shift into the Discovery universe so to that end, we have grabbed the link to the 3d model for you, and you can find it by clicking HERE & HERE.

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NB: as per Guideline 5 the information regarding 3D printing your own Type II DSC phaser is to help Fan Films make their own props, it is in no way endorsing the use of 3D printing over obtaining licenced CBS merchandise.

» Credit: Images, Anovos.comCentury 21 Props and Replicas, CBS * Currency conversion correct at the time of publication of the blog