Voyager Returns In IDW’s Mirror Comic

Fans have always wanted a Mirror Universe episode of Voyager and the closest we ever got was when we saw the crew of Voyager were depicted as such but with a twist in Voyagers episode “Living Witness“.

Well, the good news is fans no longer have to wait to see (well-read about) about what the mirror Voyager would have looked like.

At SDCC yesterday IDW announced the first-ever comic book foray of the starship Voyager in the Mirror Universe, coming this October, the “Star Trek: Voyager: Mirrors and Smoke” one-shot serves as the first of several excursions into the realm of dark doppelgängers.

“Mirrors and Smoke” comes in the wake of “Mirror Broken” and “Terra Incognita”, which introduced us to Mirror Universe versions of the Next Generation cast which like Voyager we did not get to see on screen and unlike Voyager we did not even get a glimpse of what could have been.

(CBS/IDW) Mirror U.S.S. Voyager

Enter The Pirate Queen of the Quadrant…

The plot for the “one-shot” sounds great

“Voyager: Mirrors and Smoke” introduces Captain Janeway of the Voyager, a rebel ship stranded in the Delta Quadrant, far from the ruins of the Terran Empire. When Janeway crowns herself Pirate Queen of the Quadrant, the locals – including scavengers Neelix and Kes – won’t give up without a fight. Amid this conflict, the crew of the Voyager has a second problem on their hands: just who is the Terran calling herself Annika Hansen, and can she be trusted?

The reveal happened during “Inside the Writers’ Room” at the Star Trek: Year Five series at San Diego Comic-Con when talking about Voyagers foray into the mirror universe, author Paul Allor (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, G.I.Joe) talked about the appeal of writing a Star Trek comic that is so un-Star Trek-like.

“As a child, Star Trek taught me about the power of exploration, the value of kindness and empathy, and the triumph of intelligence and logic over violence and anger,”

“And now, I am so excited to throw all of those values out the window and tell the story of the Mirror Universe Voyager crew pillaging and plundering its way across the far reaches of space.”

The comic will be painted by artist JK Woodward, who was the one who designed the look of the TNG Mirror Universe in previous comics. when talking about the one-shot he added:

“The Mirror Universe looks at characters – and Star Trek as a whole – in a way that’s unique and exciting. There really is no greater reward creatively,”

“I was very excited when IDW approached me about working on a Mirror Voyager story. I’d given considerable thought to what a Voyager crew would be like in the Mirror Universe, and based the look of the characters on designs I’d already completed. With suggestions from IDW and CBS, we developed new ideas and alterations to create a look that I think exceeds anything we’ve done previously.”

Edited by Anni Perheentupa, also conveyed her love for Voyager by saying:

“Voyager has been my personal favorite Star Trek series since I first saw Captain Janeway in action, so I’m very excited to be a part of bringing Mirror Janeway to life! Paul Allor’s charismatic Pirate Queen and J.K. Woodward’s stunning, fully-painted interior art make for a winning combination. There’s a couple of real curveballs, too, so I can’t wait for this one-shot to hit the shelves.”

(CBS/IDW) Cover Art

This will be Voyager’s first-ever comic-book foray into the Mirror Universe, but the single issue will kick off a monthly IDW Mirror Universe event also set to feature The Original Series and Deep Space Nine

IDW will offer Mirrors and Smoke with a Woodward cover and also a special retailer incentive variant by George Caltsoudas (Star Trek: The Q Conflict). For additional details, contact your local comic book retailer or visit to find a store near you.