06 | Treksphere Weekly – ‘Even on Borg Cubes, Occupational Safety is Needed’

This week on our shortest episode yet, Terry recounts his loss to the Ferengi (Playing the Star Trek Ascendancy game).

We also discuss a bit of what’s been shaking the Trekkie Twittersphere and Pike-a-Chu talks about workplace safety aboard a Borg cube.

So join us for Treksphere Weekly Episode 6
Star Trek Picard Episode 6 “The Impossible Box” Screen Shots

Topics we spoke about in episode 6

Terry Plays ‘Star Trek: Ascendancy’

JP Cardin

JP is a French-speaking native of Québec city, he learned his English through his godfather's TNG videotapes. Unbeknownst to him, Star Trek would later lead him to a multitude of experiences from old-school email roleplaying clubs, to LARPING to convention running. He since now has settled down on podcasting where he hosts a French-speaking podcast named "ParlonsTrek" since 2016