04 | Treksphere Weekly – ‘Captain The Chair Needs A Height Adjust’

This week we salute the twitter heroes who fight back against annoying toxicity peddlers on Twitter and theorize on what’s been happening with Picard in relation to Elnor and the Qowat Milat.

We also talk about Trains, well the new line of Star Trek themed Trains (See images below)

And the new YouTube video “Star Trek Valentine’s Day (All You Need Is Worf)”

So please join us for Episode 4 – ‘Captain The Chair Needs A Height Adjust’

If you missed previous episodes you can check them out HERE

Topics we spoke about in episode 4

Twitter accounts


From their website – “This year, Lionel wanted “to boldly go where no man has gone before” and offer an out-of-this-world line of iconic Star Trek offerings! Whether you are a lifetime Trekkie or new to the fandom, our Star Trek LionChief set and add on cars are sure to be some of the most classic pieces on your layout. Let your true Trekkie heart “live long and prosper”, and don’t miss out on these amazing offerings.”

Star Trek Valentine’s Day (All You Need Is Worf)

JP Cardin

JP is a French-speaking native of Québec city, he learned his English through his godfather's TNG videotapes. Unbeknownst to him, Star Trek would later lead him to a multitude of experiences from old-school email roleplaying clubs, to LARPING to convention running. He since now has settled down on podcasting where he hosts a French-speaking podcast named "ParlonsTrek" since 2016