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With all new series of Star Trek we get an updated feel to the show, New uniforms, New props, New toys and more, so why should Discovery be any different, since the launch of Discovery, the fans have been asking where can I get…. That toothbrush, That Disco shirt, those trainers and can I get a cuddly plush of a Tardigrade…

Well, the answer is YES, and we have scoured the internet on the hunt for all things Discovery…

The “Disco” Tee Shirt

Get your inner “Disco” on with the Official Disco shirt as seen in the DSC episode “Lethe”

  • (Mens) Star Trek Discovery Disco T-Shirt $26.95


  • Star Trek Discovery Disco Women’s T-Shirt $24.95

The “Starfleet Trainers” as seen the latest episode of Discovery “Lethe”


The toothbrush of the future as seen in “Choose your Pain”


ISSA Hybrid

ISSA Hybrid incorporates durable PBT polymer and ultra-soft silicone into one remarkable sonic toothbrush. This innovative cross-design offers an invigorating clean that is strong on plaque, but gentle on gums, for the perfect brushing experience.

Discovery Delta Division Badges 

Made from a Zinc alloy, the Discovery deltas are highly detailed and unlike ones previously they are attached to your clothing with magnets, this allows you to wear them on anything with out the fear of your clothes being damaged. 

  • Star Trek Discovery Command Badge $16.95

  • Star Trek Discovery Operations Badge $16.95

  • Star Trek Discovery Science Badge $16.95

  • Star Trek Discovery Medical Badge $16.95

Official Discovery Uniforms by Anovos

Anovos continue to show why they are the leaders in official Star Trek uniforms, this highly detailed uniform is an exact replica of what is seen on screen. 

  • STAR TREK: DISCOVERY – Starfleet Captain’s Duty Uniform for Men (Pre-Order)
  • $ 550.00

  • STAR TREK: DISCOVERY – Starfleet Captain’s Duty Uniform for Women (Pre-Order)
  • $ 550.00

  • STAR TREK: DISCOVERY – Starfleet Officer’s Duty Uniform for Men (Pre-Order)
  • $ 500.00

  • STAR TREK: DISCOVERY – Starfleet Officer’s Duty Uniform for Women (Pre-Order)
  • $ 500.00

Other Discovery Apparel 


  • Star Trek Discovery Torchbearer T-Shirt $24.95

  • Star Trek Discovery Torchbearer Women’s T-Shirt $24.95

  • Star Trek Discovery Pride T-Shirt $24.95

  • Star Trek Discovery Starfleet Command T-Shirt $26.95


Get your own “Ripper”

  • Hashtag Collectibles
  • Stuffed Water Bear (tardigrade plush) – USA ONLY
  • $39.99

» Credit: Uniform Images: CBS/Anovos   ISSA