Death Threats, Confusion & Tardigrades | Star Trek Discovery Lawsuit vs Anas Abdin

Star Trek’s legal battle with Anas Abdin continues on. As the appeals process moves forward with the Second Circuit court, Anas’ has found himself under fire from people on social media regarding the apparent death threats he has been receiving lately.

Some have even gone as far as to say that Anas himself is forging these threats to drum up support and attention.

Additionally, we look at the argument presented by Anas lawyers during the initial lawsuit that led to them being granted a partial information discovery. Was their argument an intentional misdirection on their part, or just simple confusion?

As this story continues to unfold, I will, of course, continue to cover it but I am curious to hear what all of you guys and gals think about this new information.

So get your comments down below about what you think regarding the statement from Anas’ lawyer, the death threat messages, and where the money is actually going for the Go Fund Me.

I am interested in what you guys and girls think, let’s get the conversation started…

Live long and prosper my Trekkies

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