Battle Breakdown: The Battle of the Briar Patch

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In 2375 two Son´a battle cruisers engaged the U.S.S. Enterprise E in order to prevent them from informing the Federation Council about a conspiracy to relocate the Ba´ku.

Let us take a look at the battle more in-depth.

(Paramount) Captain Jean Luc Picard – “Star Trek: Insurrection”

In order to understand the battle let us take a look at the ships participating in it. However not very detailed since there will be Breakdowns of both ships.

The Enterprise E was a Sovereign-class launched at stardate 49827.5 from the San Francisco Fleet Yards under the command of Captain Jean Luc Picard and his senior staff from the prior destroyed Enterprise D except for Commander Worf.

The ship was 700 meters long and had 29 decks. It at this time was equipped with 12 phaser arrays, 1 forward quantum torpedo launcher, 2 forward photon torpedo launchers and 3 aft photon torpedo launchers. It shielding was composed of Deflector shields.

The Son´a battlecruiser was the most powerful Son´a ship since it might be the only one that actually exists so no idea. It was outfitted with photon torpedos and isolytic bursts that were a variety of subspace weapon banned by the Kithomer accords. Two of them outmatched a Sovereign-class starship. Well, that’s it with the ships since there is not much information on the Son´a.

(Paramount) Ahdar Ru´afo – “Star Trek: Insurrection”

The crew of the Enterprise E was investigating a malfunction in Lieutenant Commander Data during his mission on the Planet Ba´ku. Whilst doing that they discovered a joint plan between Admiral Matthew Dougherty and the Son´a Ahdar Ru´afo to relocate the local population called Ba´ku in order to collect metaphasic radiation from the Ba´ku planet´s rings that had the effect of making people younger. Well, at least they did not want to kill them. Collecting metaphasic radiation would render the planet uninhabitable for generations.

This outraged Captain Jean-Luc Picard since it was depriving the Ba´ku of their rights especially since it was a Starfleet Admiral doing it. He ordered Commander William Riker to leave the Briar Patch with the Enterprise in order to inform the Federation council. Ru´afo was well aware of Picards plans and send his ships in order to escort the Enterprise back.

The Son´a battle cruisers were intercepting the U.S.S. Enterprise while it was still an hour´s travel away from the edge of the Briar patch. Lieutenant Daniels was ordered to inform the Son´a that the Enterprise’s transceiver was down and they could only send messages. This caused the Son´a to respond with launching a photon torpedo. As a response commander Riker ordered the Enterprises helm officer to fly at full impulse even if this meant that the Enterprise’s engines would be damaged since the impulse manifolds were not outfitted for the Briar patch. The Son´a fired an isolytic burst which created a subspace tear.

Due to the fact that the Enterprises warp core was acting like a magnet. The Chief Engineer Geordi La Forge recommended to eject the core and detonate it in hopes it would seal the tear. The cores explosion caused massive damage to the Enterprise and since there was no core left and nothing really stopped the Son´a from using another isolytic burst Riker had no choice but to confront the Son´a and battle it out with them.

(Paramount) “The Riker Manoeuvre” – “Star Trek: Insurrection”

The Son´a cruisers outgunned the Enterprise so another strategy must be used. Riker ordered that the Bussard collectors began gathering volatile metron gas. He himself took control of the helm via the manual steering column. Riker piloted the Enterprise in front of the Son´a cruisers and released the gas just in the right moment since the lead cruiser opened fire. Firing at the gas caused it to ignite and creating a massive explosion that destroyed the lead cruiser and disabled the second one.

After the battle was won Riker contacted the Federation Council. He was assured that the relocation of the Ba´ku would be halted and flew back to the Ba´ku planet just in time to disable Ru´afo´s ship and get Picard of the collector.

The battle of the Briar patch was, in my opinion, a both interesting and visually stunning battle. Especially because of the Riker manoeuvre. I would recommend rewatching the movie or just this scene.

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With all that said

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Watch the battle breakdown video below:

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