GermanTrekkie – Battle Breakdown: Borg Vs. SG-1 Replicators

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Welcome to a new Battle Breakdown on the channel. Today we are taking a look at how a battle between the Borg and the SG-1 Replicators would go. Usually, it is ship to ship combat but today I would rather go into close combat since the speciality of the Replicators is not ship to ship combat.

This battle was requested by Mila Simmers, so I did not forget it. Before we get into the breakdown I wanted to say if you like this content and you are new to the channel make sure to subscribe. Also if you want to support my channel and these videos make sure to consider becoming a Patreon. Most videos I do are a lot of work and it would be cool if some of you could support it. There are some awesome perks for Patrons so you won’t leave empty-handed. But now let’s get into it right after this.

We don’t need to break down the Borg Cube again since you by now probably all know what it can do. Let us take a look at its occupants.

Borg Cubes are crewed with so-called Borg Drones. These make up the collectives population and were half organic half machine. Each of them being capable of assimilating technologies and people in process adapting to what they could do. All of them had personal shielding protecting them from weapons they had adapted too.

We don’t have to take a look at the ship the replicators use since it won’t play a major role. Let’s get talking about the Replicators themselves.

They were are technological lifeform first introduced in Stargate SG-1 that consisted of multiple blocks, which were connected with multiple Keron-pathways. These Replicators consumed parts of highly advanced technologies adapting to it and replicating themselves. There is a more detailed video about the Replicators on the channel already and it should be showing up now click the link and check out this one before you continue watching.

(MGM) Stargate’s SG1 Replicators are not unlike Star Trek’s Borg “They Adapt”

A Replicator infested Asgard Beliskner Class is on its way into the Milky Way galaxy. Suddenly sensor detects a gravitational wave that seems to be interfering with the ship’s hyperdrive. The ship drops out of hyperspace and the Replicators begin to scan the area and figure that they are in the Milky Way. However in the future, as it seems. Meanwhile, 15 light-years away from the Replicators position a Borg Cube picks up the strange anomaly and they decide to head towards it. The sensors of the Asgard ship pick up the Borg Cube as it drops out of warp. Also, its hyperdrive core began overloading which was the Replicators intentionally started after they picked up the Cube.

The Borg take interest in the Asgard Ship and since they are not capable of scanning through the Asgard Shields they decide to approach into close proximity and capture it with a tractor beam. Suddenly a high energy pulse originates from the unknown vessel and all Borg Sensor systems are blinded. A huge bluish energy explosion follows, disintegrating the Beliskner class and melting away the outer hull of the Borg Cube.

Unknown to the Borg the Replicators managed to send a transporter signal inside the Cube and beam themselves over. With the huge damage to the Cube and the still overloaded Sensor array, the Borg have no idea what’s about to start.

The Replicators at this point probably realize that they are not where they belong anymore and as it seems they have no contact with the other Replicators in the Ida Galaxy. They also recognize the Borg-Tech as being highly advanced and worth to be consumed. So they would immediately start this process and begin replicating.

The sensor system of the Cube was restored after a time and they would discover that portions of the Cube start to go dark. Drones are dispatched to this location in order to stop the unknown threat and as the Borg watch the live feed from the drones send to investigate. They see a small bug-like creature of which some look like they were made out of Borg-Tech and some that were made out of an unknown material. The feed to the drones would suddenly stop the last thing they see being some Replicators spraying some sort of acid on the drones and starting to consume them. Well, only their technological parts.

(Paramount) Like The Replicators The Borg Assimilate all Technology

As more and more areas of the Cube start to go down the Borg begin to isolate critical systems finding that it at least slows the unknown threat down giving them time to somehow find a way to stop them. However, with the Borg, there is a certain problem. They can adapt to technology that they assimilate but how do you adapt to something that first of all you have not assimilated yet and second that starts eating your own ship. With more drones going down and many parts of the ship simply falling to the hands of the unknown enemy, the remaining Borg send a signal to the collective and the collective does something they usually do when it seems like a cube is inevitably lost they cut their connection to the hive. Chaos erupts on the cube.

Soon after the collective separated the Cube from the hive mind the Replicators take the remaining drones down. Now they have a well slightly damaged Borg Cube under control and begin to gather more and more information about them finding that there is many of them in the Delta Quadrant. Additionally, they get information about other species in the Galaxy and also about its resources. They find out that the Borg count to one of the more threatening civilization in the Galaxy and this is when they decide to take their infested Cube and go on a rampage through the collectives territory.

The Borg would by now know that there is some kind of new enemy in this part of the Galaxy that is highly advanced however they would still have no idea about their abilities. Meanwhile, the Replicator infested Cube would attack other Borg Cubes. The Cube itself is extremely powerful but we do know that the Replicators are well capable of making tech they infest even better. Probably they would even shoot their own blocks at the cubes in order to start infestation of the other Cubes. More and more Cubes would fall into the Replicators hand with them growing in number so rapidly that they would even begin taking over entire Planets not only controlled by the Borg but also other species.

It would probably be a very short time and the Borg Collective falls. The Replicators growing in extremely large numbers and soon they would spread through the entire Galaxy.

This is how I think the battle would go. Let me know in the comment section how you think this whole encounter would work out.

Also, let me know what other topics I should cover. Again big thanks to Mila Simmers for this request and thanks for being a Patreon. If you would like to become one and get some awesome rewards then check out the Patreon link in the description below.

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With all that said stay healthy and safe GermanTrekkie out.

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