GermanTrekkie - Battle Breakdown: Home World Command Vs Starfleet Command

GermanTrekkie – Battle Breakdown: Home World Command Vs Starfleet Command

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Home World Command Vs Starfleet Command what would happen if these two powers were measured against each other?

Home World Command was founded in the year 2004 and is one of the unified commands of the United States Department of Defense which is responsible for the defence of Earth. Part of Homeworld Command is the Stargate Command with its outposts and projects and the Tau’ri fleet compromised out of its 5 remaining battlecruisers as the Korolev was destroyed during the battle of P3Y-229

Starfleet on the other hand was founded in the 2130s or 2140s as we cannot fully state the exact date. Whilst it is a futuristic institution it has been around much longer as it is active even in the 32nd century. Starfleet Command was overseen by the Federation Council as it was its military organization and ran by a chief of staff. It has a huge variety of personnel and a huge fleet at its hands.

While the other battle breakdowns focused on combat between two ships this one is more of a comparison between two interstellar powers. We are going to take a look at four aspects compare the two institutions and give the winning one a point.

GermanTrekkie - Battle Breakdown: Home World Command Vs Starfleet Command
(MGM) The Daedalus Class Frigate – Stargate SG1, Atlantis & SGU
Military Training

Homeworld Command theoretically has access to the United States full military assets. In case of full disclosure to the outside world, all of Earth’s military assets are at its disposal. The majority of Homeworld Commands assets are fully trained military personal that has experience in combat. The weapons utilized by Tau’ri are projectile and kinetic based. Military operations are highly organized which gives Homeworld Command the ability to even take on enemies that are hundreds or even thousands of years more advanced than they are.

Whether Starfleet is a military institution or not is highly debated by fans and I’m sure there will be people in the comment section arguing with me that it is not. Although everything speaks for it being a military institution. I and also different trek tubers already pointed that out but here are some of the facts that clearly make it a military organization. The word military as an adjective often to soldiers and arms. Both do apply to Starfleet as every Starfleet officer in a way is a soldier and in extreme situations carries weapons. However, here is the problem Starfleet faces. Within Star Trek Canon wars are not happening frequently and the majority of time is considered to be a time of peace. While every Starfleet officers receive combat training it is unclear to which extend this combat training is spread over all its personal. Tactical officers and Security will definitely have better combat training than engineering and science. Another big deal is experience. Which definitely is lacking thanks to the lack of wars.

Here clearly the Tau’ri have the advantage. The majority of the time of the Stargate program they were in combat against first a species that utilized terror and high tech to stay in control, second a species that was put together out of highly advanced nanites, third basically gods and fourth a vampire species that managed to win a war against one of the most powerful species that ever existed. I mean yeah the Ancients sucked at running a war which Starfleet honestly does to. Oh did I mention the Asuran replicators which were robot ancients? I guess you get my point while Starfleet might have the technological advantage Homeworld Command has more experienced and better-trained assets. They also know how to run a war against a more powerful enemy. This point ultimately goes to the Tau’ri.

(CBS) The Defiant Class Escort

The next discipline is a technology which is one of the most important factors to run or win a war. Starfleet has hundreds of years of technological advancement. It also has access to knowledge of hundreds of species within the United Federation of Planets. Its weapons are energy-based or utilize Antimatter. For defence, they have a huge fleet as well as protective grids around the planets. The Tauri on the other hand has the whole technological database of the Asgard which were a species that was around for millions of years and also part of the Ancient database. Even if this sounds impressive I don’t really see how this could help. As within the shows, we have seen quite a few steps made by Homeworld Command to get as much out of this as possible. There simply was no necessity as tactics worked and the 5 battlecruisers did their jobs. Plus these were fully equipped with highly advanced tech. Homeworld Command has to defend its only core world while there are outposts but stumbling upon them is highly unlikely. Earth in the Stargate universe has a fleet of F302 and the ancient drone platform as its defence system. We know ancient drones are more than capable of destroying a whole fleet as Anubis is the best example of this. I think both Homeworld Command and Starfleet are even when it comes to technology so this one is a tie.

Human resources/ resources

Home World Command has access to all military assets on Earth as well as its resources and the resources of its off-world sites which minimum are a dozen. Starfleet on the other hand clearly has the advantage here as they have access to more than a hundred member worlds as well as its inhabitants and resources. When it comes ship construction Homeworld Command might face another issue as it presumably takes two to three years to construct a Daedalus class starship and only humans are involved. It also is unknown how many ship construction facilities exist on Earth. Starfleet however is known to be capable of producing a large number of ships within a short period of time. There are also multiple-member worlds involved in the process as well as many different ship construction facilities.

Clearly Starfleet wins the point.

(Paramount) The Sovereign Class

At last, we have to take a look at how a war would go between these two powers. Homeworld Command upon discovering Starfleet and the Federation would clearly see that there is no point in trying to take planet by planet in a full-scale war because of its lack of battleships. Guerilla attacks on Starships, Starbases and Planets would be utilized. After the first few probably 1v1 battles Starfleet would see the Tau’ri as a whole new threat as its ships were incredibly powerful and could even stand their ground against Sovereign Class starships. They however would realize that only one world must be attacked in order to stop the threat. The Tau’ri version of Earth. Before attacking intel would be gathered which would lead to the false assumption of the planet only being defended by a few fighters and maybe one or two of the Battleships with the others being gone for missions. So an attack would be launched. I personally don’t see why Starfleet would send an insanely huge fleet. Most likely only a task force max 20-30 ships would be sent to the Tau’ri Earth and most likely they would never return. Homeworld Command now has two options:

  1. Retaliate by either using the horizon missile platform or taking all its BC-304s to attack Earth.
  2. Continue with the Guerrilla attacks and try to buy time to built more ships.

The decision seems obvious, doesn’t it? Homeworld Command would take option number two as it is safe to assume that fleets have been gathered around Earth and the other Federation Core worlds. Starfleet would see that there is no point in attacking the Tau’ri Earth again and would focus on destroying the BC-304’s whilst Starfleet Intelligence and maybe even Section 31 would try to figure out a way to deal with the drone weapons. As the BC-304’s could not be destroyed in 1v1 combat Starfleet vessels would only move out in groups using swarm tactics. Over the span of a couple of Months eventually, the Daedalus Class starships might fail to survive often being attacked by multiple ships at once or falling into traps. Section 31 and Starfleet Intelligence might at the end thanks to cloaking technology developed by Section 31 even infiltrate the Tau’ri Earth and figure out how the drone platform is controlled. With the drone chairs location being Area 51. The next attack by Starfleet would follow this time in waves with the first objective being the destruction of Area 51. A larger fleet would also be put together and ultimately after the drone chairs, destruction Homeworld Command would see that there is no way in winning as resources for the other ships were spread thin and a war against a multi-planet species requires a large fleet. Ultimately Homeworld Command has to capitulate but who knows maybe after some time they might even join the Federation which would give it a technological advancement of centuries.

So Starfleet wins 2:3

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