GermanTrekkie - My Opinion On Star Trek: Picard Season 1

GermanTrekkie – My Opinion On Star Trek: Picard Season 1

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Now its been a while since the first season of Star Trek: Picard has been concluded. I actually planned on doing regular videos on the episodes however that’s simply not my style and I am not that fast when it comes to scriptwriting.

When the first trailer appeared, I really got excited about the show, and when it was released, I was thrilled. I will not summarize the whole season since that is not the point of this video.

Therefore lets directly get to the positives and negatives.

(CBS) F8 – Star Trek: Picard
What I Found Bad About Season One

What I’m going to address in this video hasn’t been a thing until the last few episodes of Star Trek: Picard. The big bad guy, the AI god of the Androids. Why is this a problem? You might ask now. Well, it’s simply not original. Not only it copies Star Trek in itself. Discovery to be more precise but it also has been done in multiple movies like The Matrix or Terminator. When I saw the teaser for episode 10 I actually thought that the tentacle Robot thingy was Control since we have seen controls’ future form in Star Trek: Discovery but at least it was not Control. Nor was it according to what we hear from the future. It is logical that there might be some kind of super Android/AI thingy that has somehow developed somewhere but there could have been another way to make this whole thing interesting and keep the threat real. I did like the fact that Soji and Dash were the Androids in focus. I also found the idea of the Zhat Vash their mission and the fact that they are responsible for the Android Attack on Mars, ultimately for the Android ban very interesting and liked a lot. But why ruining it, it could have gone a little bit differently. The Zhat Vash could still see the “warning” about the AI threat and still conclude that Androids must vanish, therefore. However, we don’t need a super AI appearing. Going for nearly the same story up until the finale would have worked however now let’s alter some stuff.

  • Remove the super AI and make the Android home planet to be a planet full of Androids with only Soong being a human.
  • Let the Androids be pissed off about the fact that they have simply been disregarded and prepare for an Attack.
  • Let them be provoked by the Romulans and actually start a battle with them. Then have the federation come in and save the day let Picard do the same thing he did and there it is a new and in my opinion better ending.

This is actually like the only thing I had a very big problem with. There were other downsides too but these are simply minor.

(CBS) Picard, Riker & Troi – Star Trek: Picard “Nepenthe”
What I Found Great About Season One

Star Trek: Picard has a huge edge over Star Trek: Discovery. It can easily generate the nostalgia feeling. This is what I had during most episodes of the show. It just made me feel back home. Picard again makes decisions saving the Galaxy and meeting all these people we know and love. The introduction to the situation our characters are in was extremely good too. Picard started as this bitter old guy who regretted his past and retreated into his house. However, the arrival of Dhaj gave a new meaning to his life and changed it altogether. He became the hero we knew once again to save Soji and ultimately himself. Episodes like “Nepenthe“, “Absolute Candor” and the first two episodes reminded me again why I love Star Trek and the characters connected to it. Also, me listing only these episodes does not mean that the others are bad.

Star Trek Picard not only has a largely interesting story but it also looks visually stunning and Jeff Russo has also done a wonderful Job in combining old Star Trek music with new things.

Overall the first season of Star Trek: Picard has got me excited for more and has definitely inspired me too. Let me know what you think about Star Trek: Picard season 1. Keep it friendly though.

Also, let me know what other things you want to see on the channel and what you expect from season 2. Consider supporting the channel by clicking HERE

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With all that said stay healthy and safe GermanTrekkie out      

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