GermanTrekkie Reviews – Star Trek Picard: ‘Remembrance’

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On Thursday Star Trek: Picard aired and when I woke up on Friday I saw a lot of positivity towards it so immediately I had to watch it. Well, it was more than perfect. The first episode had portions of nostalgia, action and new stuff in it. It looked visually beautiful had a great soundtrack and a very good story.

The first episode starts of with an establishing shot in space well more exactly in a beautiful nebula with the song blue skies playing in the background. All this shows again how nice a Star Trek show looks with modern-day CGI technology.

(CBS) The Enterprise – D from ‘Remembrance’ – “Star Trek Picard”

Then we see the Enterprise D approaching and the camera moves into a window of ten forward were Picard and Data are sitting, playing poker and drinking earl grey. The Enterprise D arrives at Mars and we see explosions on the Planetary surface. Windows get shattered and Picard wakes up.

In my opinion, a perfect opening for the show not only showing us the past but also bringing in two characters that we all like and can relate to. Picard wakes up and we have a nice shot of Chateau Picard. Another cut brings us to Greater Boston where we first see Dhaj with her boyfriend.

They get attacked by what later turn out to be Romulans, her boyfriend gets killed and the Romulans try to capture Dhaj saying that they need to hurry so that she won’t activate. Well, she does activate and kills them. Back at Chateau Picard, we get introduced to two new characters who are Romulans (Laris & Zhaban) and who we know from the Picard Countdown comics.

Picard is preparing for something which turns out to be an interview, during this interview he gets questioned about the Romulan supernova, however it quickly becomes clear that it is not as Picard probably expected it to be, additionally, it becomes apparent that the interviewer is not a big fan of the Romulans. This scene not only shows more of the past but also gives us some great dialogue between the interviewer and Picard.

Picard here demonstrates many of the characteristics he demonstrated throughout TNG. Making clear that Starfleet began to go down, saying that saving lives is important and criticising that people have no clue about history and how hard it is to cope with the death of close ones. Ending the interview after this.

(CBS) ‘Daji’ – “Star Trek Picard”

In the next scene, Dhaj is at Chateau Picard asking Picard for help why she knows him and telling him about what happened, I guess Picard at this point realised that she is something different and not telling lies, well makes sense since he dealt with a lot during his time in Starfleet, after talking to her a little bit Picard offers Dhaj to stay overnight.

On what appears at first to be the next morning Picard meets Data on his vineyard, both are in their TNG uniforms and this is actually the scene we had in the first trailer. Data again asks Picard if he wants to finish it, Picard replies that he does not know-how, however, Data hands him the paintbrush and states that this is not true.

In the next morning Picard wakes up on his table and we see that the same Picture that Data has been drawing is on his wall. One of the Romulans (Laris) living with him tells Picard that Dhaj is gone and Picard goes to the Starfleet Museum archive where the other version of this picture is, the picture has been drawn by Data and has the name daughter, it also shows Dhaj’ face.

Dhaj in the meantime is in Paris where she talks to her mother, her mother tells her that she has to look for Picard, well surprisingly enough she says that before Dhaj even told her she met Picard. Dhaj then finds him at Starfleet museum, he is surprised that she found him and she tells him that she knows stuff now. Picard tells her what he found out and we get some more nostalgia as Picard is telling Dhaj about Data, Dhaj then realizes that those attackers had figured out where she is.

She and Picard started to run away and well it becomes obvious that Picard is a bit older since its harder for him to this whole running thing. A fight scene between the Romulans and Dhaj starts. I have to say it was probably one of the best fight scenes I saw in a long time, also here we finally figure out that the attackers are Romulans. One of the Romulans takes some sort of suicide Pill and overloads his Phaser which explodes kills Dhaj and knocks out Picard. The police state that nothing was visible. No attackers no Dhaj. Picard tells his Romulan friends that she was an Android and the attackers were Romulans. Picard also realizes that he went into hiding at Chateau Picard not living there but waiting for his death.

(CBS) B4 Dismantled At The Daystrom Institute – ” Star Trek: Picard”

After that, he goes to the Daystrom Institute. There he meets Agnes Jerauty and asks if it is possible to build a sentient android with human flesh. He also tells her that he met one. At the institute itself, the consequences of the synth attack at Mars are visible since the department researching androids nearly closed down. We also see B4 there. Picard shows Agnes the necklace he got from Dhaj. She tells him about cloning that makes it possible the reconstruct everything from Data. We find out that there are twins. Somewhere another Dhaj is running around. A transition shows us a Romulan ship flying into a force field probably its a location of the Borg cube and we see Dhajs twin.

Also, we get introduced to another Romulan character. The episode is ended with a zoom out from the Borg cube where the Romulans are conducting some experiments.  The cube is surrounded by many different objects and guarded by ships.

Now, this is my review of the first episode. I personally have to say that I look forward to the next episodes and sometimes even had tears of joy in my eyes because of the way this whole thing played out. I know to say this is too early but so far I like it more than Discovery which I like too but Picard looks better to me. Also, the intro sequence looks way better.

Hope you guys enjoyed the video if yes leave a like comment and maybe a sub. Make sure to check out my review of Spyfall part 2 (check out part 1 here)which will come out on Sunday. Also, I’m going to release weekly reviews for Picard and Discovery when they air. Go check the links in the description that lead to my Discord, Patreon and the page

With all that said GermanTrekkie out               

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