GermanTrekkie – Starship Battles – Ori Mothership Vs. Borg Cube

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In today’s battle breakdown we are going to take a look at how a battle between the Ori mothership and the Borg Cube would go. We are going to take a look at strategies and tactics that both sites might use right after this.

Both ships have been featured on my channel already but let’s quickly take a look at their weapons and defences. The Ori mothership uses one primary beam weapon and multiple pulse weapons also there is a complement of 500 Ori fighters and there are thousands of soldiers and other crew members on board. As for defence, it uses a very powerful shield.

A Borg Cube has up to 130,000 thousand drones aboard and has multiple different weapon systems like cutting beams, magnetometric guided charges, missiles and tractor beams. It’s defence methods contain subspace fields, electromagnetic fields, regeneration capabilities, force fields and adaptive shielding. An Ori ship would patrol one of the Ori controlled sectors in the milky way galaxy. Suddenly an anomaly would appear on its sensors. The Ori would activate their hyperdrive and fly to the anomaly. An unidentified vessel appears in the window of the Bridge it´s cube-shaped and according to scans three kilometres on each edge.

The Ori, unintimidated by the size of the other ship would hail the Borg vessel doing their standard greeting and trying to convince them to join the Ori path to enlightenment. The Borg would be unimpressed and would start their standard greeting. “We are the Borg lower your shields and surrender your ships your biological and technological distinctiveness will be added to our own resistance is futile.” The Prior commanding the Ori ship immediately took it as a threat and ordered to activate the shields.

(CBS) A Borg Cube

However, that came too late since the Borg already fired several gravimetric torpedoes. They managed to score several direct hits and cause heavy damage on the Mothership. Surprised by the power of the torpedoes that managed to hit their ship the Prior ordered to fire everything at the unknown enemy ship. So the full power of the Ori motherships main beam and pulse weapons was unleashed.

Overpowering the Borg cubes defence systems and causing heavy hull damage. Remember what the Borg can’t assimilate they can’t adapt too. In order to give themselves more attack angles the Borg launched their sphere which attacked what has been identified as a possible weak spot. The aft of the Mothership. It’s not a weak spot in the sense of being shielded weaker but in the sense of not being armed. Since the Borg cube is the stronger ship the Ori would continue firing on it. However, they would not ignore the Sphere. As mentioned earlier the Ori have a complement of 500 fighters and launching them on the Sphere would make sense and also reduce the number of weapons the Borg could concentrate on the Mothership.

Meanwhile, the Ori already managed to inflict heavy damage on Cube. The only way the Borg can win this battle is by getting on the Ori ship and this would be accomplished by draining its shields with shield draining projectiles. Obviously the Ori shields were much stronger than the shields of a galaxy class however desperate because of the huge damage inflicted to the cube already and because of the damage on the Sphere it was decided to at least try. I know it’s not very borgy at this point but I guess that whatever species the Borg had assimilated would use tactics like this and therefore it is not out of the realm of possibility for the Borg to do the same. So the Borgbegan firing their shield draining projectiles that they used on the Enterprise D.

(MGM) The Ori Mothership

It is not like the Ori has not taken shield damage only that it was minimal and would not get the Borg to achieve their goal. The shield draining projectiles were having a certain effect and managed to drain their shields however nearly not strong enough. Both Cube and Sphere were in critical condition and the only hope the Borg had was the fact that sensors have discovered a fluctuation in the Ori shields every time they fired their beam weapon. Immediately attempts were made to bypass the shields. However, this as well had no use. Let me explain why. The same fluctuation occurred during the battle of P3Y-229 and the Tau’ri also wanted to use it to their advantage however this turned out to be not possible with the Asgard transporters which were the most advanced transporter systems in Stargate.

Borg and Asgard transporter system might be comparable. The only way getting on the ship through the fluctuation would be by using a ring platform which obviously is not available for the Borg. Because of this and the huge firepower of the Ori mothership and its fighters both the Cube and the Sphere were destroyed.

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