My Top Five Star Trek Starships – Federation Edition

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Today we are going to take a look at what in my opinion are the Top five Federation starships…

5) The Nx Class

The first NX Class starship was put to service by Starfleet in 2151. It was the first ship equipped with a warp 5 engine and was the first line of deep space exploration vessels. The Nx class had a saucer section with connections towards the pylons no secondary hull. Later on, it received a major refit and got a secondary hull section


4) The Constitution Class classic

The Constitution-class is the first-ever Starfleet ship we get introduced too and it has been a guideline for ship design throughout Star Trek History. It was put into service by Starfleet in the 2240s. Constitution-class starships had a length of 288,6 meters and a total crew complement of 203 in the 2250s and one of 430 in the 2260s. Its maximum speed was Warp 8 but it could fly at Warp 9 with huge risks to the ship itself. What I like most about this design that it is so simple yet so advanced given the fact that TOS was the first Trek show.

3) The Defiant Class

The Defiant Class was Starfleet’s first attempt in building an actual warship well except for the Ares but let us not talk about that. It was put into service in the 2370s and was designed as part of a line of ships that were meant to counter the Borg. Defiant Class starships had a crew of 50 and a top speed of Warp 9.5. The USS Defiant was equipped with a cloaking device borrowed to Starfleet by the Romulan Star Empire.

What I like about this ship the most is that for its size it has teeth and that story-wise the writers included problems and obstacles that had to be fixed since most of its systems were unbalanced for a ship of its size. People might view this in a more negative way but I feel it gives Star Trek a rather nice touch of realism.


2) The Sovereign Class

To be honest there should be nothing such as number two on this list since there are two ships that share the first place the Sovereign Class and the Intrepid Class. But for the sake of ranking it Ill put the Sovereign Class on the second place however it is actually first.

The Sovereign Class is the best example of showing that Starfleet has overcome its design Philosophy of building just exploratory vessels and is a big step in the direction of having a fleet that is ready for combat all the time. The Sovereign Class has a very elegant look and the fact that it has no neck in between its saucer and the secondary hull that you can´t really speak of anymore since it a more sleek design makes the ship simply look beautiful.

The first Sovereign Class starships were put to service in the 2370s and had a length of 685 meters. It had an on-screen top speed of Warp 8 but several other sources state it could travel as fast as Warp 9.995 which makes more sense to me. Overall the Sovereign Class is a very efficient Ship and judging by the look of it holds this efficiency without the loss of luxury.


1) The Intrepid Class

As I stated before this one actually shares its spot with the Sovereign. Intrepid Class Starships were introduced in the 2370s and were classified as a long-range explorer. The ships had 15 decks and a crew complement 141. The top Warp speed is 9.975.

The Intrepid-class is the fantastic ship for a long exploratory mission since it can be easily modified to be self-sustainable to a certain degree and it is extremely heavily armed for a Long-Range explorer. It has shown us throughout Star Trek FLY WITH THE POWER OF PLOT aka Star Trek Voyager that it is certainly outfitted for a long exploratory mission. One thing I have to criticise is that it had no Astrometrics lab by default.

I really like the Intrepid Class design and always liked watching those variable geometry pylons moving up for the Ship to go to Warp since it added a living peace to the ship if you want so.

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