How Do I Get Started With Star Trek Lego?

TrekCatCatCat – How Do I Get Started With Star Trek Lego?

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In my first article for Treksphere I briefly talked about Star Trek and Lego, and since then some of you may have asked… How do I get started? Is it expensive? Are there any official kits?

I hope that this article clears up a few of the questions you may have.

Are There Any Official Kits Out There?

There have been some official kits in the past made by Kreo and MegaBloks but, these were limited in specifications and only a couple of ships were made. These are still available on eBay and can be expensive as they are retired and difficult to get.

For years now there have not been any official brick-building Star Trek kits produced. I had asked MegaBloks if they still held the licence to produce Star Trek merchandise, and if they did, when would they be doing so? I have yet to receive a response from them. As for Lego? The official line is that they do not have a licence to produce Star Trek.

Mini Trek MOC Models
Mini Trek MOC Models

How Do I Get Started?

There are independent designers that have made MOCs (My Own Creation) that you either download instructions for free or for a small fee buy the instructions.

Where Can I Buy These Instructions?

Well, there are a number of websites that you can buy them. These are, and even eBay.

How Much Are They?

This depends on the size of the final build. The bigger the build the more it will cost. That said, many instructions are less than £10. You can pay via PayPal and will have a link sent to you, or by a direct download from the website.

I suggest that if you are starting out. The best way to begin is to get the micro builds. These are small models with approximately 100 pieces.

These will be the same size as the Hero collector ships and just as much fun to build. Two designers that have produced a large number of designs are: Paulygons and MiniTrekMocs. Both can be found one the website specified above. MiniTrekmocs has currently at the writing of this article produced 31 micro build designs.

Where Can I Get The Pieces? & What pieces do I need?

All designers produce a list of the required pieces needed to complete the build.

Where can you get them? There are 2 websites that will be able to provide all your needs. These are Brick Owl and Bricklink. Both websites tailor lists to your needs by the creation of a Wishlist.

U.S.S. Cerritos Mini Trek MOC

How Much Will The Pieces Cost?

This again varies dependent on the pieces and how many you have to buy. Costs will vary from £10 to £25.

Are There Bigger Designs?

Yes, there are instructions that vary in size from 200 pieces going up to 2000 pieces. Be mindful the bigger the model the bigger the costs. It doesn’t matter what your experience on building Lego is, there is something for all levels for you to enjoy.

What Do I Suggest?

Well, start with some of the micro builds and build your way up to the bigger more involved designs.

Can I Design Your Own Ships?

The simple answer is yes you can. Bricklink has created its own Lego CAD design software called Studio. With this software you make your design, catalogue the pieces you need and, even create the building instructions, or you can simply get the pieces you want and build it until you have the result you want, the options are endless in what you want to do.

If you have any further questions on this article or just need some help, please contact me by dropping a comment below or contacting me by clicking one of the links below

Until next time

Ian Aka Trekcatatcat

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