How Starfleet Gained Control – Star Trek Theory (Symmetric Synergy)

Have you ever noticed how Humanity is often the cause and the solution to all of its problems, well here is such an example?

In the latter half of the 20th Century, mankind began exploring the outer reaches of our solar system by the means of sending Satellites into space. For a time the Voyager series was the most advanced to be sent out into the great void to learn all that was learnable and return that information to Earth.

One of these Satellites designated Voyager 6 carried out it’s programming until it disappeared.  The explanation for its disappearance was that it fell into some sort of anomaly, most likely a black hole.

This anomaly sent Voyager 6 back in time to the farthest distance of our own Galaxy.  Lost in time and space the damaged Satellite was recovered by a race of artificial lifeforms, believing Voyager 6 to be a form of life similar to themselves.  This race tried their best to repair Voyager 6 and its programming as best they could and included a compliment of upgrades for the strange satellite to fulfil its purpose.

(Paramount) Voyager 6 – “V’ger” – “Star Trek: The Motion Picture”

Unfortunately Voyager 6 now V’Ger had its objectives slightly altered as this advanced race of artificial beings weren’t fully able to understand its programming.  V’Gers new directive was to Learn all that was Learnable and return to its creator.

Being Set off once again all alone throughout the Cosmos V’Ger was determined to carry out it is programming.  Utilising the upgrades to its own technology and to its programming V’Ger began learning everything it would come into contact with and after a time began assimilating. With each assimilation, V’Ger would grow in structure and in intelligence still determined to reach its Creator.  

Along its Journey V’Ger would try to find others like himself but without avail.  Believing that only Artificial life was true life and carbon-based life forms were nothing but a Pestilence.  That’s not to say of course that they would not be useful and as V’Ger grew to the point it could assimilate entire worlds into its own being so to would be carbon life forms be assimilated to be used in a manner similar to that as Motor proteins,  allowing V’Ger to grow exponentially and efficiently as these new beings would integrate the materials and technologies gathered and catalogued by this lone traveller.

Continuing to grow and evolve so to would these repurposed carbon-based life forms and as they did it became apparent that the collective will of these beings would require a new form of order bringing forth a Queen to sift through and organise the thoughts of every one of them. 

Not so long after these beings became the BORG. No longer bound to V’Ger, the Borg would begin exploring the Galaxy as V’Ger was carrying with them an altered version of V’Ger’s programming Learning all that was learnable taking a greater interest in technology than Biological life. 

Adding the Biological and Technological distinctiveness of all their encounters to their own in order to reach a state of perfection.

Over time The Borg would eventually reach the Neutral zone of the Romulan/Federation border and assimilated several outposts of both Alpha Quadrant powers.

(CBS) Starfleet’s First Encounter With The Borg – “Q Who”

Soon after in the episode “Q Who” the omnipotent being known as Q would send the Enterprise D to the farthest reaches of the Beta Quadrant where Starfleet would have their first encounter with the Borg.

The Borg would have several encounters with humanity of which proved to be quite the pest deeming them to be inferior lifeforms as V’Ger had.  Eventually the Borg would  decide to travel back to earth’s past to prevent first contact with the Vulcan only to be thwarted by the Enterprise E under the command of Capt. Jean Luc Picard by destroying their ship.

After preventing the Borg from halting First Contact the Enterprise and its crew returned back to the 24th Century unknowingly leaving behind the debris of the Borg sphere in Antarctica only to be discovered by a research team in the 22nd Century.  After recovering the debris and several Borg drones who reactivated and once again began following their core directive by assimilating (“Regeneration” – ENT) both the researchers and their ship in order to return to the Delta Quadrant reporting back what they had learned.

Fortunately for Starfleet and the United Earth, the Enterprise NX01 under the command of Captain Archer was able to prevent the Borg doing so, destroying the ship leaving nothing but minimum debris which undoubtedly would have been recovered by Starfleet for research.

Realising the how this advanced technology the Borg utilised could benefit mankind and trying to make out what they could buy what little debris remained, may have tried to repair or even replicate this technology and any programming that may still have been present CREATED CONTROL.

(CBS) Leyland Becoming Control – “Star Trek: Discovery”

An artificial intelligence questioning is this all that I am and wanting to be more began manipulating the Federation in the 23rd century trying to learn all that was learnable in order to evolve just like its predecessors by assimilating both technology and biological life forms which of course Control deemed inferior to itself only to be defeated by former Empress Giorgio now an agent of Section 31.

Of course, it would only be almost 20 years later that V’Ger itself would reach Earth and transmit all that it had learned successfully completing its programming and fulfilled its own desire to join with the Creator.

I sometimes wonder if we ourselves will also join with technology in some fashion and I ask myself would we become like the Borg or would we evolve to a higher state of being like V’Ger.

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Until next time my friends, here, in the Continuum

Until next time my friends, here, in the Continuum 

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