How To Improve Star Trek | Franchise Stewardship, Planning & More!

WARNING: This Video/Article is intended to be constructive feedback for ViacomCBS & Secret Hideout Productions. It is not intended to be a rant, pile on, or just plain old complaining.

Franchise stewardship goes beyond just “Managing Genes Vision for Star Trek” that’s part of it for sure, but so is modernizing what the current target audience views as future technology, while also exploring stories and ideas that can act as a commentary on the issues we face today.

Stewardship means you own, now you have to take good care of it. Which is something I don’t think the current studio Secret Hideout being led by Alex Kurtzman or the Star Trek Global Franchise management group led by veronica heart is doing particularly well?

Furthermore, I’m not talking about canon or redesign the Klingons, I’m talking about fundamental processes that need a top to bottom overhaul in order to keep star trek more relevant and easier to understand by a modern audience. In my opinion, proper Franchise Stewardship can be broken down into three main areas, all of which need improvements:

  • Communication & Interaction
  • Development Roadmaps
  • Brand expansion

In this video, we deep dive into some of the issues still affecting the franchise internally and provide some possible solutions on how to elevate Star Trek into the modern age.

Watch the latest Ketwolski video below.