Jessie Gender - Spock & Neurodiverse Leadership - SACRED TREKS

Jessie Gender – Spock & Neurodiverse Leadership – SACRED TREKS

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The episode “The Galileo Seven” is one of the best episodes of early Star Trek: The Original Series, and it’s also the first episode to hone in on Star Trek‘s most iconic character, Spock.

Episode Synopsis:

Sent to investigate the mysterious solar system of Murasaki 312 by Captain Kirk, Mr Spock and the crew of his shuttle craft find themselves losing contact with the Enterprise when all communication systems are made inoperable by a mysterious force. Crash landing on the hostile planet of Taurus II, Mr Spock and his crew are attacked by a giant creature bent on destroying them. Is Mr Spock’s first command doomed to be his last?

So let’s delve into the themes and ideas behind Spock and how it show’s a diverse form of leadership and how Spock’s character would begin to grow.

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