Jessie Gender - Star Trek (2009) Is a Masterpiece | A RETROSPECTIVE

Jessie Gender – Star Trek (2009) Is a Masterpiece | A RETROSPECTIVE

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Despite coming out over 10 years ago, JJ Abrams reboot of the Star Trek franchise has remained one of the most divisive Trek projects to date. For many, myself included, it’s an updated, modern, kinetic action-adventure blockbuster that still holds true to the ethos and message of Trek, both in style and spirit. For many others, it was the first sign of irrevocable, and undesirable, changes that were to come to Star Trek over the next decade.

(Paramount) The Last Outing of The Kelvin Crew, Will They Return?

Star Trek 2009 has become the pivot point for the entire Trek fandom. This movie was really where our current modern era of Star Trek, from Discovery to Picard to the upcoming Strange New Worlds, really began. So much of the visual style, tone, and fast-paced energy that JJ Abrams began here has clearly influenced all Trek moving forward.

So, to get to the heart of the matter, while I want this video to be my retrospective of Star Trek 2009 as a whole, I came into this project in order to truly answer for myself this one question; Did Star Trek 2009 save the franchise… or destroy it? Or to put it even simpler; Is Star Trek 2009 really Star Trek?

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