Mr Benn Makes – Star Trek 2370s Rank Pips and Combadges

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Mr Benn Cosplay and Props will be going over the cosplay side of Star Trek and his series “Mr Benn Makes” will demonstrate the work he puts in making amazing 3D printed props. Today we have part 2 of his Starfleet Rank Pips and Combadge videos.

In part 1 MrBenn showed us what he did to prepare the models after they have been printed by supergluing magnets to the rear of each pip and badge as well as the backing plate and talks about what each different style of pip and rank slide means

In Part 2 we rejoin Mr Benn as he paints the pips and badges.

You can watch both parts below…

Watch Benns newest video below

You can find Benn at the following links

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