MrBenn Makes – Star Trek TOS Phaser Type 2

MrBenn Makes – Star Trek TOS Phaser Type 2

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Back for another phaser design? so are we! This time taking on the awesome Matt Jefferies design for the iconic Phaser Type 2 from Star Trek: The Original Series

Taking the Type 1 and hooking it up to a Type 2 body, the user was given a much more powerful weapon system to use in a pinch. The main power pack doubled as the pistol grip and included a power-up dial behind the Type 1. There have been a few different colour schemes for the prop during the Original Series so Mr Benn has taken some artistic liberty and gone for a scheme that would suit both main designs seen with a blue body, black grip and silver lining.

Gene Roddenberry influenced the design of the type 2 phaser by not wanting it to look too threatening with a lot of standard features on everyday firearms, thus the phasers never had a trigger guard and the trigger itself was just a simple button. 

Either way the Type 2 phaser soon became an Iconic part of Star Trek and throughout the films would see various versions and upgrades spring up with Star Trek Discovery paying homage to this Grandfather of Phaser weaponry on screen

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