MrBenn Makes - The Late 2370s Type 2 Boomerang Phaser

MrBenn Makes – The Late 2370s Type 2 Boomerang Phaser

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The Type 2 Boomerang phaser is one of the more iconic designs seen in the Star Trek universe, this design of the Starfleet phaser first appeared in season 4 of Deep Space Nine and Season 2 of Voyager, it later went on to appear in the second Next Gen movie “Star Trek: First Contact”.

A reimaging of the “Cobra” head phaser that was introduced in The Next Generations third season, this new design featured a slim-lined head and an elongated handle for easier grip. It was not until Star Trek: Nemesis which was set in the year 2380 did this design get a major overhaul and an overall sleeker design.

Just like the Cobra type 2, this design retained its two small buttons for beam width and intensity control and a large one to fire the device, the boomerang also retained its power setting indicator. Just like their predecessors, these units could be adjusted for use as cutting tools or power sources and they could also be set to overload, becoming a powerful explosive device if needed.

90s Boomerang Star Trek Phaser Toy

My first phaser was an old, none working toy of the boomerang which was released as a toy in the late ’90s to coincide with the release of First Contact, not only was it huge in comparison to what we saw on TV, but it was a light blueish grey colour and was not a true representation to the on-screen prop.

So, with a failing toy, plus one that was not screen accurate, it was about time I printed this design to add to my ever-growing collection.

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