RJC - Does Canon Really Matter? - Star Trek Video Essay

RJC – Does Canon Really Matter? – Star Trek Video Essay

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Canon seems to be a huge talking point in Star Trek fandom today and is often held up by detractors of modern Trek as illustrative of certain people’s apparent “disregard” of Star Trek of the past.

Star Trek has changed so many things through out hits 55-year history, from the ever-changing appearances of The Klingons, The Romulans and The Trill, from Star Trek: The Original Series to Discovery with a sub-sect of the fandom up in arms over these changes declaring how the showrunners for not only the new shows but the ones that came before them have a wanton disregard for the franchise and what has come before it.

I for one have always found this obsession unfounded, unhelpful and a relentlessly boring topic of discussion when compared to the many far more interesting topics of conversation which could be tackled when it comes to Star Trek.

The simple truth is, Star Trek has always had issues with keeping things in line with what has come before it, one good example is, the TNG episode “First Contact” where Picard says “Centuries ago a disastrous contact with the Klingon Empire led to decades of war, and it was decided then we would do severance before we made contact” fast forward to the Enterprise episode “Broken Bow” which not only features a Klingon crash landing on Earth, but at the end of the pilot, the crew of the NX 01 is seen going before the Klingon High Council, this is just one example of how inconsistent the shows are from one to the other.

However, is the ubiquity of this of this topic justified? Is spending so much time discussing canon all that productive and ultimately, does Canon really matter?

Join me as I explore these topics and more in my latest video…

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