RJC – Star Trek Retrospective Pt8 - The Next Generation

RJC – Star Trek Retrospective Pt8 – The Next Generation

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This series of Star Trek Retrospectives chronicles the behind the scenes history of the Star Trek franchise. The conceptualisation and development of each instalment and their impact on fandom as well as pop culture at large.

As the Star Trek franchise continued its successful run of movies, higher-ups at Paramount considered a new Star Trek show for the small screen. With a new cast of characters on a new ship in a new era, many believed Star Trek: The Next Generation was destined for failure.

During its early conception, the show went through many changes before it hit the screen, from the casting switch of Denise Crosby and Marina Sirtis to the character of Beverly Crusher who originally was purposed as the ships teacher not the ships Chief Medical Officer.

TNG Cast
(CBS) The Cast Of The Next Generation Season 1

The fact the show spanned over 7 seasons and 4 motion pictures, the cast of The Next Generation proved the naysayers wrong. With gripping stories, deeper character development and ever-evolving Star Trek lore, the show was a hit! and almost 35 years later the show is still shown around the world.

The popularity of The Next Generation allowed the franchise to expand with 3 spin off shows, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager and the Prequel Enterprise.

With The Next Generation being one of the golden era shows of Star Trek‘s 55 year history, its allure and love has even given birth to a new show Star Trek: Picard, featuring Jean Luc Picard.

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